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“Sanjeevanam”, the youth camp is organized for the sanjeevanites, is an effective vehicle for promoting spiritual growth and improved relationships among and between the youth who are the core members of ‘Amrita Sanjeevani’, having diverse skills and creativeness, with AMMA being the central unifying source.

It includes thought-provoking inspirational talks from experts from various walks of life, meditation, yoga sessions, group discussions, recreational activities, cultural activities, self reflection, and teamwork. The Youth Camp will impact our student community, creating bonds and relationships that will endure beyond the three day experience.

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  • To enrich and strengthen the real spirit of social service & human virtues in Sanjeevanites.
  • To develop greater confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance and respect for themselves and others.
  • To promote enhanced spiritual and personality development of youth relying on AMMA’s teachings.
  • To enhance the spirit of togetherness among the youth of diverse skills and interests.
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Activity Objectives

The activities will help each participant to:

  • achieve a self disciplined life through yoga and meditation techniques.
  • realise the need for the preservation and conservation of nature.
  • impart the understanding of glorious Indian culture .
  • convey the significance of Sanathana Dharma in life.
  • promote social awareness of current issues.
  • provide creative and interactive opportunities :
    • to improve greater confidence and skill building.
    • to enable self-development, respect for themselves and others.
    • to build leadership.
    • to improve teamwork & cooperation.
    • to have entertainment and FUN.
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