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Students Speak

Ronit Nair
Computer Science and Engineering

If we serve an hour a day we can make lots & lots of changes in the society which would be helpful for future generations. SaH should be there for all semesters as it brings out selflessness and brings true happiness.

Sreeraj Venu Nair
Mechanical Engineering

Serve an Hour course helped me to understand what true happiness is by helping others.

Electrical Engineering

After coming to this college only I have understood selfless activities are possible. Through selfless service, my biggest wish to do something good for my country came true.

Aswathy P. Kumar

Here we don’t have any separation between seniors and juniors as one sanjeevani family we live.

Sriraj Nambiar
Electronics and Communication Engineering

This course is helping us to achieve our goals with holding our moral values.


In future each moment in Sanjeevani will help me.

Thushara Joy

After coming to Sanjeevani, we are able to mingle with people nicely, how to deal with person, we are learning in each moment in sanjeevani.

Happy Krishnan

I’m a part of sanjeevani. I’m always happy.

Sreelekshmi J

It was a course which helps us to bring out our hidden talents and make us self confident.

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