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Amateur Astronomy


Amateur astronomy is a fascinating hobby and can be an introduction to several practical and useful technologies. For an amateur astronomy enthusiast Sky is not the limit!He/She has a whole spectrum of activities to choose and indulge. Some of these activities are listed here for reference purpose. Write to us for more info on any of these activities.

  1. Amateur telescope making – optical and radio telescopes
  2. Astro Sketching – grayscale sketching through visual observation of celestial objects
  3. Astro tours – observatories & research institutes, dark sky sanctuaries and archeoastronomy sites
  4. Astrobiology
  5. Astrochemistry
  6. Astrometry
  7. Astronomy in Art- Paintings  and Sculptures
  8. Astronomy in Mythology – Epics and Puranas
  9. Astronomy of Indigenous cultures – how it shaped their daily life
  10. Astronomy through Movies – science fiction but with science facts
  11. Astrophilately – the thematic collection of postal stamps
  12. Astrophotography – landscape , star trail and DSO
  13. Atmospheric Balloons  – to study the lower atmosphere phenomena
  14. CCD imaging
  15. Comet Observation
  16. Computational astronomy- the hobby side of positional astronomy
  17. Deep Sky Observation
  18. Eclipses, Occultation and transits study
  19. Fiction/Poetry on Astronomy topics
  20. History of Astronomy – Literature, Archaeoastronomy
  21. Lunar Observation
  22. Lunar/Mars Habitat Design
  23. Meteor Hunting & Analysis
  24. Meteorite shower Observation
  25. Meteorology and clouds observation
  26. Photometry
  27. Planetary observation
  28. Public outreach- Observing sessions, sidewalk astronomy , mobile planetarium
  29. Robotics and Electronics – Rovers / Landers/Micro Sats
  30. Sounding Rockets – to study the lower atmosphere phenomena
  31. Space Tourism – Balloons ‘ Space Ships etc – you need a big wallet for this!
  32. Spectroscopy- to study the star spectrum
  33. Star Party- the fun of observing and sharing
  34. Traditional calculations in astronomy- Panchanga calculation
  35. Variable Stars observation
  36. Video games– learning through games
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