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Working Tracks


  • Amateur Radio Astronomy (Observations / Hardware):
    This group is actively involved in the design and construction of small radio telescope using L-band helix antenna. This will be used for the radio observation of major radio sources in the sky.
  • Astrophotography & Optical Astronomy Instrumentation for Amateur Use:
    Focused on landscape astrophotography, and CCD imaging of comets, the group is slowly gaining momentum among the members.
  • Observation of Transients & Time Variability (Variable Stars / Occultations / Meteors / Comets / Novae):
    The group regularly conducts observations of meteor showers.
  • Day Time Astronomy:
    The apparent movement of the sun, and sun spots are studied by this group.
  • Citizen Science & Virtual Observatory:
    This track encourage the students to actively participate in Astronomy related citizen science projects. Also the students are given basic training to use virtual observatory tools
  • Outreach, Astronomy Education & Dark Skies:
    This group coordinates the celebration of astronomy related events like International Year of Light -2015, 25 years of Hubble space telescope and Earth hour. The astronomy exhibition of Vidyut [Annual tech fest of Amritapuri campus] and Dark Sky Awareness forms the other major activates of this group. The group also conducts regular sky watch to the students of the campus.
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