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Library Regulations

1. Preamble

Central Library is established with the primary aim of supporting the teaching, learning and research activities in Amrita University, Amritapuri campus. These regulations have been formulated to enable staff, students and other users to maximize the use of Library resources and applicable to all the approved Library users. These regulations will be reviewed periodically to meet the new changing needs, if any.

2. Working Hours

Monday to Saturday  8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sundays and Holidays  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

In accordance with the demand for the library use and during the vacation period the opening and counter service hours may vary.

3. Admission to the Library

4. Regulations regarding Borrowing

Eligibility for Borrowing Books

Borrower Category Eligibility Period Renewal
UG STUDENTS 5 14 days 2 times
PG STUDENTS 7 14 days ,,
FACULTY MEMBERS 10 30 days ,,
OTHER CATEGORY 2 14 days ,,
BOOK BANK 2 30 days Nil

No library material shall be removed from the Library until their issue has been properly recorded in the check-out counter as well as in the Gate Check unit. Valid ID cards must be produced when borrowing library materials at the check-out counter.

Library materials with the status of “Reference Only” on the Library catalogue are normally not allowed to be checked out of the Library. Under exceptional circumstances staff may obtain special permission from the concerned section leader to borrow such materials for a short period.

Borrowed books may be renewed twice provided that no one else has reserved such book.

Any two titles of the borrowed books may be reserved and its availability will be notified through email when it is available and kept for two days only.

Overdue fine for the late return of library materials will be charged as below for the students. Overdue notice will be sent to the users by their mail ID. They can also check the same through AUMS.

Over Due Fine amount
First15  days Rs.1
16 to 30th day Rs.2
31 to 45th day Rs.3
46 to 60th day Rs.4
61 to 75th day Rs.5
Above 76 days Rs.6

All borrowers must return all loans to the check-in counter.

5. Unauthorized Removal and Mutilation of Library Materials

Unauthorized removal of library property from the library premises and the mutilation of library materials are serious disciplinary offences. Users of the Library found committing these offences will be dealt with in accordance with the rules laid down by the authorities.

6. Conduct of Readers in the Library

The following rules should be observed by all users of the Library. Any infringement of them may result in the user’s exclusion from the Library for the rest of that day.

7. Special Rules

Penalty Scheme for Misuse of Mobile Phones in the Library

All mobile phones must be turned off or switched to vibrate/silent mode before admission to the Library. Mobile phone conversation is strictly prohibited within the Library area. Offenders will be verbally warned and the matter will be reported to Disciplinary Cell.

Disclaimer: Web Version of the Library Regulations is available on the Central Library web page. Subsequent changes or amendments to the Library Regulations after this printed version is issued will be made on the web version without prior notice to the users.

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