With the objective to further overall development of students, participation in a wide range of extra-curricular, social and community development activities is encouraged.

Associations for performing arts and culture, yoga club, literary association, science forum, nature club, mathematics forum, sports club etc help bring out the creative talents in students and promote team-spirit.

There are several associations that provide students a platform to be engaged in humanitarian or environmental-related activities.


In keeping with the tradition of imparting quality education, teaching and research are the main areas of concentration of the department of mathematics. The department teaches mathematics to B.Tech, M.Tech, MS and Ph.D students belonging to various engineering streams. The department also conducts various events to enrich students with additional knowledge that can help them to handle problems with different perspectives.


Mathematics Forum was established to create student curiosity in mathematics. The Forum helps students to appreciate the beauty and subtlety of mathematics and to learn about the origin and development of various fields in mathematics. Students also get opportunities to learn about recent developments which broadens and deepens their knowledge in the field.

At least two activities of the Mathematics Forum per semester are conducted on the following topics:

History of Mathematicians History and Development of Mathematics
Mathematics as the Queen and Mother of Sciences Mathematics as Backbone of Engineering and Sciences
Fineness [Subtlety] of Mathematics How to approach Mathematics
How to enjoy Mathematics Mathematics puzzles
Mathematics in daily life Magic Squares
Paradoxes in Mathematics Mathematical Models

Forum activities include:

Group Discussions Mathematical Quizzes
Student paper presentations Mathematics exhibitions and models
Talks by eminent professors Courses / Seminars / Conferences on Mathematics
Essay competitions Mathematics Forum Newsletter
Mathematics Lab  


Arya is a non-political, non-sectarian student forum which strives to promote:

  • Indian Culture – the inspiring and universal aspects of India’s culture and heritage, particularly in the fields of science and technology
  • Patriotism – a sense of devotion and commitment towards the welfare of the motherland
  • Spirituality – Chancellor Amma’s profound message of life-infusing spirituality
  • Service – empathy towards the suffering of fellow citizens and deprived sections of society

The forum functions under the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer, the Principal, and is guided by a faculty-in-charge. Student officers are chosen yearly to manage its activities.

Astha (Amrita Science and Technology Action Forum)

Club objectives are as follows:

  • Identify and nurture the passion for enquiry and implementation of tasks through inspired teamwork
  • Track ongoing developments in science and technology, conceive and execute projects enabling students to understand the intricacies of the subject and to find practical and viable implementations.

Astha is the grooming ground for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Faculty members or students present their project ideas, inviting students and faculty who are interested to join the project, contribute and provide guidance.

Other activities of the club include:–

  • Organizing popular lectures/ talks by Amrita fraternity and guest speakers
  • Organizing the screening of documentaries and video recordings of talks by eminent people from all over the world and initiating discussions on the subject
  • Organizing outreach activities and Science & Technology popularization activities in schools. Competitions to develop innovative demonstrations explaining science and technology oriented concepts are conducted
  • Bringing out a monthly newsletter and its web edition
  • Collaborating with our other campuses and organizing joint activities
  • Promoting interdisciplinary activities
  • Organizing book exhibitions, seminars, workshops, talent searches and quizzes


Mindspace is the Amrita fraternity working towards enriching, learning and exploration through media resources. In the Amrita E-Learning Network Video Lecture series, we present video lectures by our faculty members and guest speakers from reputed universities and organizations. This series of video lectures comprises a unique blend of teaching-training sessions and theme-based talks on a wide variety of scientific and technological areas which have far reaching societal implications and applications.


Shristi, the literary club of Amrita, came into being in the year 2004. The inaugural function was held on March 8, 2004 and was presided over by Swami Abhayamrita Chaitanya. It established Srishti’s credibility with an entertaining selection of events, the highlight of which was a character portrayal from Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'. The bright academic year of 2009-2010 dawned upon the campus of amrita on the 15th of July and Srishti was back with élan within a month of the year's inception. The opening of the gates of the elite literary club of Amrita began with Yukti-09, the induction ceremony for the fresher’s, who were given a very warm welcome and treated to a good account of what Srishti has in store for them. There were numerous events put up to provide them with a glimpse of the avenues that Srishti makes available to its members, beginning with a very engrossing crossword event hosted by Grishma of III E & I followed up with a very articulate recitation of three poems in the languages of Tamil, English and Hindi thus reinforcing the reputation of Srishti as a melting pot of all campus languages. A multimedia presentation showcasing the various events conducted by Srishti over the years was projected and was greeted with a loud applause in the end. There was also an event presenting a light-hearted spoof of various advertisements on television, highlighting the fun filled atmosphere that Srishti offers. There was a literary quiz hosted by Sashidhar and Mukund of the III year which saw an enthusiastic response from the audience. The icing on the cake was the play Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain enacted by the ensemble cast keeping in line with the mood of the evening. The results were very gratifying with the new comers to the campus flocking to enrol themselves in the club.

One noticeable aspect of Srishti this year has been the off stage events, low profile but pulling huge crowds nevertheless. These events including the fortnightly crossties, talk the T way, book reviews and movie screenings have become a part of the Amrita folklore. These events helped Srishti to develop a grass root level network of literary enthusiasts.

They came forward in large numbers to give life to such activities simply for the sheer pleasure of being a part of these events. Regular crosswords drew large participation as was observed with the numerous responses. Talk the T way- an attempt the reproduce the internationally famed Toastmaster's, gave a platform to the students to voice their opinions on various topics put up for discussion. These sessions also had the additional objective of helping the participants use the English language more efficiently. Periodic book reviews brought together like-minded literary fans to analyse and share views on various books of their liking. Movie screenings also helped to enable the members explore the on-screen adaptations of the language.

The main event of Srishti in the odd semester, Advaiya- a celebration of languages and display histrionic skills on stage, was held with the much associated fanfare. The event spread across five evenings was conducted in a novel way this year- as competitions with eminent members of the campus adjudging them, in the week of 20 to 24 of October.

Each day was dedicated to one of the five languages of the campus-horizon (English), Harivillu (telugu), Sopanam (Malayalam),Saaral ( Tamil) and Srijan( Hindhi).Scripts were invited for plays and screened. The best three plays were enacted out on stage with judges announcing their verdict in favour of the best team of the day. Each day drew huge gatherings not only from the speakers of the language of the day, but also others who filled the hall to cheer their friends and also to have a taste of the richness of the other languages. Each day had a winner announced and were awarded cash prizes. But more than the prizes it would surely have been the chance to perform on stage in front of a live audience that the participants would have cherished more. The gala came to a fantastic end with the ceremony which was awaited with bated breath- prize distribution. The plays Vadipatti Vyabhari and Mucheetukalikara makal took the honours in the Tamil and Malayalam categories. The English play Mother’s day expectedly took the trophy. The hindi day left even the judges spell bound as they were forced to share the prize between two play Tedha ghar and kanyadaan. The Telugu play ------------stole the show on their day.Winners were ecstatic, others happy too but everyone went home happy-secure in the knowledge that they had given and witnessed some of the best dramatic talents in the campus. Thus the odd semester drew to a close.

The shorter of the two semesters began on the 28 of December. With the festive season of Pongal drawing near Srishti was not far from the site of action. The Tamil wing proceeded with their preparations for Vasantham-the Pongal Celebration event. It was a gala event spread over four days in the first week of January. The first day witnessed a number of competitions both cultural and literary, including AmritaKavi ( Poetry writing), Pudhyal Vettai ( treasure hunt), Agaloviyam ( clay article painting) and short story writing. Each saw enthusiastic participation from the students and staff irrespective of their language. This was followed by a traditional celebration of the festival itself with the making of the delicacy of Pongal as is done in the villages of Tamil Nadu. This was accompanied by folk songs , stall events and a display of the grandeur of the rural artistry. The third day saw the screening of a popular and artistic Tamil movie. The event had curtains drawn across it after the gathering was treated to a very hair rising rhetoric filled debate where arguments were articulated in the pure tamil tongue. Outside the hall the traditional 'villupattu' or stage performance of songs enunciating social reforms as their themes.

All in all it was a very heart rendering display of Tamil culture and tradition at its finest The future events that behold the campus by way of Srishti include the mega event of the year-Aitreya , an inter college literary fest by which Srishti plans to play host to an army of participants from all over the country.



  • To provide a state-of-the-art platform to put forth scientific ideas and inventions in every field of engineering, through a series of theoretical discussions and practical experiments to empower aspiring minds of a new generation of technologists with innovative ideas.


  • Propel technical talents across international boundaries
  • Explore new arenas of technological developments across the globe through e-learning and various exchange programs
  • Shoulder the nation building task through advancement in defense engineering
  • Enhance the application of technology in the field of aerospace
  • Empower the "specially-abled" with modern tecnology, to transform them into competent members of the society
  • Device technology that will bring harmony between mankind and nature
  • Play an active role in the development of the country as a whole and the world at large
  • Ultimately, "To strive and reach the zenith of modern technology"

Natyasudha (Dance Club)


  • To cultivate, develop and promote an awareness of classical and ethnic dance forms amongst the youth. To integrate and bring to the forefront the intricacies and creativities of various native oriental and fusion dance forms. To express divinity through our age-old art form called NRITYA.

Raagasudha (Music Club)

Musical evenings, organized from time to time by the music club of Amrita, are among the most anticipated events of the calendar year. From soulful lilting melodies to fast paced, foot-tapping numbers, all-inspiring music concerts are performed at these events What best describes the club is its intent - a place for musical expression where interested and talented students come together to share musical ideas and to immerse themselves in the divinity of music. The club aims at tapping the very essence of the nation’s rich musical heritage, while keeping modern interests and musical trends incorporated in the music played, thereby maintaining a fine balance between old and new, keeping events organized by the club both fresh as well as timeless. The club also aims at bringing out, in the process, the musical talents of the students of the institute, and at providing a worthy stage for the showcasing of the same.

Nature Club

campus-coimbatore-student-club-prakritiAmrita Prakriti Samrakshana Samiti (APSS) is a forum established in 1996 under Amrita Institutions, managed by Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Ettimadai, Coimbatore. Aims and objectives are as follows:

  • Instilling love for plants, animals and all other forms of life
  • Developing respect for the oneness of life in all elements of nature
  • Preserving the pristine beauty and purity of nature
  • Making the campus evergreen and eco-friendly
  • Working toward uplifting nearby village people and cultivating awareness about nature care and protection of the environment
  • Supporting governmental organizations voluntarily in all their activities concerned with nature and environment

N. S. S. (National Service Scheme)

A seminar on Indian culture was organized by NSS on14.04.2006 in which more than 80 students participated and benefited from the speech delivered by the chief guest, Swami Abhayamirta Chaithanya. SS Advisory committee meeting was held on 16th June in our campus with the NSS coordinators of various colleges and Department of the state. More than 100 volunteers participated in the programme organized by Siruthuli(NGO) at Coimbatore in 17.9.2006 to grab the public to protect river NOYYAL and its surroundings.

A special camp was conducted on April,2006 at Akkaraipettai and Dhideer Kuppam of Nagapattinam, where the volunteers were involved in concrete work for houses and cleaning work along the road side.

A Blood donation camp was organized by NSS and YRC in association with Coimbatore Medical Hospital, in which more than 103 units of blood was donated by students. Student extra-curricular activities at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Bangalore Campus) are organized into five student clubs, which conduct various activities that go a long way in providing a wholesome environment for the development of body, mind, and intellect.

A major goal of student activities is to promote awareness of India’s rich culture and to nurture a sense of belongingness to our heritage and values.


The sports club conducts competitions in cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, athletics, and throw ball. Besides conducting an annual sports day, the club organizes tournaments both at the intra-campus and inter-campus level and conducts the Treasure Hunt competition.


This club provides a forum for students to cultivate their talents in the fine arts, with emphasis on Indian classical music and dance. Special programmes from leading artists are arranged though SPICMACAY to foster a greater appreciation of classical music. The club also organizes competitions in instrumental music, rangoli, mehandi, antakshari, crafting, cookery without flame, art from waste, face painting, tablue, etc. The students of this club also take the charge of stage decorations during any function in the campus.


The literary and debating club organizes events that promote a healthy discussion and debate among thinking minds. This club also conducts events such as debate, creative writing, JAM, open house, skits, street plays, etc. Maardhani also helps the students to improve their communication skills, which in turn plays a major role in placements. Maardhani has started a wall magazine named 'Dhwani' to exhibit the creative talents of the students of the school.


The technical club organizes quizzes and technical competitions to enable our students to compete with the best in the nation. They organize an IEEE sponsored inter-campus technical fest called PRATHIBIMB every year at the Bangalore campus. They organize talks by professionals from the industry and workshops in Robotics, Laser techniques and latest technologies and software like FOSS. The club has also taken initiative to start the IEEE and CSI chapters in the School.


This club provides a forum for the holistic growth of students by tapping the creativity, talent and energy of students, and directing them towards noble and meaningful endeavors. The club organizes skits and dramas on socially meaningful themes such as the issue of suicides by poor farmers, facilitates volunteer work to help disabled children, and organizes programs to celebrate Indian festivals. This club also organizes blood donation and 'clean the campus' campaigns. They set up a stall for selling the paintings, pencil drawings, glass paintings, handmade greeting cards, etc during Amritakalanjali, so that the money earned by this can be kept for helping the poor children in slums, people in the orphanages, old-age homes and those who are disabled. In March 2007, 30students participated in volunteer activities at Nagapattinam to aid the long-term rehabilitation of Tsunami victims. Club activities take place every week in the campus during the Wednesday afternoons. Apart from this the clubs jointly hold the Cultural fest, Amritakalanjali, during the even semesters. Amritadhara also jointly celebrates all the Indian festivals in the School with interesting programmes. They celebrate the Independence Day and Republic Day with full patriotism. Amritadhara also provides volunteer help and organize cultural programmes during Amma’s visit to Bangalore. Amritadhara as the name suggests is a flow of nectar of talents where in our students realize their potentialities.


"Vajra is a yoga group at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Coimbatore) in which young minds get together to share ideas not only about yoga practices but about other aspects of life. It is a platform where one can explore yoga in all areas of life and cultivate and nurture ones interest in Yoga and reap priceless benefits out of the same.

Run by students this club who are the members of the Vajra Governing Body Committee, the club lives up to its legend where Rishi Dadhichi offered his spine for the efforts of the Divine to overcome Ignorance; by involving students in organising programs and sessions of yoga or based on the concepts and spirit of yoga. The club thus nurtures the leadership qualities of the students.

The most popular programs include Yoga sessions, Yoga Treks & Trips, Yoga Competitions, Meditation & Discussion Forums, Reach Out Programs, Quiz and Quotes Contests, Yoga Exhibitions and Music Festivals to name a few."