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It is a forum for promoting Indian cultural heritage. It celebrates National Youth Day, Navrathrietc, arranges visits to places of cultural importance. And conducts debates and opinion polls


To revive the students group by the objective of creating and promoting a common platform between students and teachers interaction to increase awareness of the self and the world around us.


As it is now being realised as an indispensable fact by modern academia, the domain of growth for any individual should be a well-balanced craft of competence and character. Technical education without ethical and moral education is like a ship without a rudder. This is very much evident from the undeniable fact that many good students coming to receive education in prestigious institutions like ours, actually end up in self-destructive bad habits and activities, which rather gulps up their chances of a bright future & career. In these formative years of life, any such addiction or habit simply ends up in a bitter struggle against low self-confidence, depression, guilt, lack of self-worth, disinterest etc in the later part of life.

This raises a vital demand for a forum which will serve as the base for ethical and moral awareness & education among the students. And the pedagogy followed should be different from the regular classroom programs to arouse more interest and curiosity among the students. Therefore, it would be a remarkable initiative to form a group which would actively participate and promote the mentioned purpose through organisation of interactive discussions, workshops, guest lectures, college level competitions, group discussions, and soft skills workshops.

Areas of Focus / Discussions
  1. Psychology – dealing with harnessing positive thoughts and learning mind control
  1. Sociology – understanding the societal functions and associated threats and opportunities.
  1. Philosophy – learning fundamental problems connected to life, values and ethics.
  1. Present/past affairs – to provoke ideas and thoughts for leading a better life.
  1. Personality study – a brief study about stalwart people will help students get an insight of how one can be successful; and qualities one should possess to attain their individual goals.
  2. Patriotism – To inculcate the patriotism and importance of Indian culture and heritage among students.
Activities to be Pursued
  1. Group assembly: Friendship can make wonders happen, so there will be periodic group meets to have interactive discussions on relevant topics.
  2. Guest lectures/Workshops: Inviting professors, speakers, alumni and professionals to help students improve their concentration, self-confidence, leadership and problem solving.
  3. Play: Organising trips, games, debates, youth festivals, music and meditation as a means of positive engagement of our skills.
Arya’s Induction Programme

Date: 22-11-2023

The 22nd of November, 2023 marked the special occasion of Arya’s Induction Programme. With its stage set at the Sudhamani Hall, the event commenced with the auspicious lighting of lamp by the esteemed Chief guest, Dr.Venkataraman, Mr. Pramod (Assistant Professor at International Spaces for AmritaDarshanam), the advisor of the committee and the committee president. Combining the magic of music with love, respect and gratitude to the Almighty, the prayer was then rendered.

An embodiment of happiness, an expression of love, joy and warmth – The guests and Audience were welcomed with an opening dance. The artist gave in her all and it was a gracious performance.An introduction to the Arya club, its vison, mission and actions were discussed and elaborated. This was followed by a discourse by the Club Faculty coordinator, Mr. Pramod Kumar, who enlightened the students with his words of wisdom and experience.

The cultural spectacle was tapped open by the notes of the musical voices. It was a multilingualrendition which spoke about and included ethnic diversity. The stage was then set fire by the dancers who filled the hall with serene energy and engaging beats.

The Chief guest, Dr. Venkataraman was then honoured and felicitated by the Club Faculty Coordinator.                                  

The diversity of Arya was portrayed by the very many ways of expression and inclusion of art forms. A group of talented artists turned the stage to a live theatre with the performance of Mime. A presentation was played in the background amplifying the context and meaning of the mime.

The walls of the hall then resonated with the beats of the mridangam giving the event a classical turn. The dancers came out with refuelled enthusiasm to yet again enthral the audience and win their hearts.

This was followed by an engaging and thought-provoking quiz which was conducted actively and encouragingly. Students were eager to answer questions and win prizes. After the sessions of entertainment, the core team of Arya was introduced along with their designated roles and responsibilities. The SPARK team then discussed the upcoming events which would be taken up by Arya. The event came to an end with words of gratitude rendered unto all the participants, back-endevent managers and the honourable dignitaries who have extended their time and effort into making the event fruitful.

Arya Curtain Raiser

Date: 03/11/2023

On 3rd November, Arya Club hosted a Curtain Raiser near the AB-1 Car Parking area. The event infused the campus with a contagious dose of excitement, drawing crowds and transforming the ambiance into a lively spectacle.

The event commenced with an enlightening introduction to the Arya Club, aptly titled the “Cultural Hub of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,” captivating the audience and establishing the evening’s tone.

Through the captivating Flash Mob performances, participants from diverse backgrounds united in a harmonious blend of dance and music, igniting a spark of togetherness and shared pride in our multicultural heritage. As the captivating performances drew to a close, the Arya Club unveiled the dates for its upcoming Induction, inviting all to embark on a journey of cultural exploration and discover the diverse array of clubs that await.

Faculty Coordinator
Faculty Contact
Dr.Pramod Kumar Sir Assistant Professor, Cultural Education. +91 9894335661
Higher-level Management
Member Contact Designation Responsibility
M Sandeep Chandra +91 7780537716 (CB.EN.U4CSE19633) President The President of the club is in charge of official affairs, and event-to-event planning which includes establishing command and guiding Department heads on work during events and recruitment into the Board via interviews overlooked also by the Chairman. The President’s authority is established directly over the subjects of the club.
K Tharun Reddy +91 9347684826 (CB.EN.U4ECE19129) Chairman The Chairman of the club is in charge of foreseeing the Future planning and setting events and planning contests upon advisory by the Board. The Chairman also accompanies the President in guiding the activities of the Board. The Chairman’s Authority is established beyond the club and oversees external and official affairs of the club.
Sub-Higher Level Management
Member Contact Designation Responsibility
P Sai VenkataAkash +91 8919884900 (CB.EN.U4CSE19137) Treasurer The Treasurer of the club is in charge of the financial transactions of the club and keeps a note on every currency hence spent by the club. The Treasurer however cannot issue these transactions without approval by the President, Chairman, and the Board.
K Veeresh +91 8919155701 (CB.EN.U4CSE19158) Vice President The Vice President is the second level of authority next only to the President and the Chairman of the club. The Vice President overlooks the smooth conduct of events and cooperation between departments for efficient work during the conduct of events and contests.
A V V L N Balaramacharyulu +91 8688056014 (CB.EN.U4CSE19105) Secretary The Secretary is involved in assisting the President, Chairman, and the Board in activities that relate to the club. The secretary also leads the Technical Department work, which includes computerised registration of candidates for membership and participation in events and competitions.
Department Heads
Member Contact Designation Responsibility
G Lakshmi Sreshta +91 6301498232 (CB.EN.U4CSE19019) Head of Event Management The Department affiliated with event management involves work on manual input required during the conduction of events
B ShruthiSindhura +91 9704692716 (CB.EN.U4CSE19606) Head of Public Relations The Department of Public Relations deals with making the club known among the students of Amrita School of engineering, bringing in new members to the club, and mustering support for the ambitious goals that the club foresees.
Deputy Department Heads
Member Contact Designation Responsibility
Gaura Hari +91 8921178458 (CB.EN.U4AIE21011) Deputy Secretary. Involves in assisting the Technical aspects, under the secretary’s supervision.
G Durga Rao +91 9966551519 (CB.EN.U4CSE20021) Deputy Technical Department Manages the volunteers for every event in each field and manages technical aspects for the club and assists for public relations
M Srinija Sai Phani +91 8688712348 (CB.EN.U4EEE20030) Deputy Event Manager Assists the Head Event Manager with the presentations and maintaining a social presence of the club.
V Sai Sri Nihal +91 6301939130 (CB.EN.U4CSE21655) Assistant Event Manager Assisting the Head Event Manager with the digital presentations, which are required for the event
G Bhavana +91 7674953317 (CB.EN.U4ECE20013) Deputy Head of Public Relations Assists the Head of Public Relations.
B MohitManomay
+91 9494806111 (CB.EN.U4CSE20240) Head of Coordinators Assists the coordinators with respect to their field
Calendar of Events for 2022-2023
S.No Event Tentative Date Description Estimated Budget
1 World Student Day 18th November 202 Induction Programme – Launching of the club and Induction on the account of world student’s day 5500
2 Motivational Talk 29th November 2022 Guest lecture – Enlightening a motivational speech from a known personality 3500
3 MahakaviBharathi Birthday 11th December 2022 Debate/Elocution/Creative Writing – To imbibe and spread the value of our culture into the young students mind as well as helping them formulate and voice their opinions, we conduct a variety of events with a cultural aspect. 3500
4 SrinivasaRamanujan Birthday 22nd December 2022 Quiz – Help students practise existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about new subject matters. 2500
5 National Youth Day 12th January 2023 Arya Festino – Cultural display of talents in students to enhance their personality while simultaneously teaching them about the importance of Indian culture. 5500
6 Subhash Chandra Bose Birthday 23rd January 2023 Cultural Anveshan- To explore the inner peace and to spread joyfulness of Indian architecture 4000
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