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At Intel IoT Club, our mission is to empower and nurture students who are eager to engage with developer communities and drive innovation in the fields of IoT and AI.

We believe that the key to solving real-world problems lies in collaboration and knowledge-sharing, which is why we offer a variety of Events, Workshops, Industrial Trainings and resources that enable our students to deepen their skills and stay up- to-date with the latest hardware and software solutions by Intel.

Our IoT track, in particular, is designed to provide students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge that can help them tackle complex challenges and develop impactful projects. Join us and be part of a community that is passionate about learning, creativity, and social impact!

Join us today and become

part of a dynamic community of learners, creators, and problem solvers!

Intel oneAPI workshop

Date:15 March, 2024 (Friday)

Timing: 2:15PM to 5:00 PM

Venue: Sandeepani hall, AB2, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Participants: 50 Students [3rd year, 2nd year and 1st year]

IoT Club Resource persons:

  1. Balasuriya R- CB.EN.U4AIE21105 – Intel oneAPI student ambassador
  2. Navabhaarathi – CB.EN.U4AIE21036 – Intel oneAPI student ambassador
  3. Dilip P – CB.EN.U4AIE21009 – ML engineer at Sivi, Experienced oneAPI user
  4. Sarvesh S – CB.EN.U4AIE21163 – Intel oneAPI student ambassador
  5. Mohan V – CB.EN.U4CCE20033 – Student Mentor

This Intel OneAPI event offered a valuable deep dive into the features and capabilities of this powerful programming toolkit.

  • Introduction to Intel One API: Attendees gained a solid foundation in Intel OneAPI, understanding its comprehensive set of features designed to simplify development for heterogeneous computing architectures.
  • Portability Across Platforms: The event explored how Intel OneAPI ensures code portability. Developers can write code once and deploy it across various hardware platforms, saving time and resources.
  • Performance Optimization Techniques: Participants learned valuable techniques to optimize application performance using Intel OneAPI’s suite of tools and libraries. This can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of their code.
  • Multi-language Support: The event highlighted Intel One API’s support for multiple programming languages. Developers can leverage their preferred languages, such as C++ or Python, while still benefiting from One API’s capabilities.
  • Real-World Use Cases: Through practical examples, attendees witnessed the effectiveness of Intel One API in various industries and applications. This showcased its versatility in tackling diverse computing challenges.
  • One DAL Integration: The event introduced One DAL (One API Data Analytics Library), a powerful library within the One API ecosystem specifically designed for data processing and analytics tasks.
  • Addressing Hardware Diversity: The session emphasized how Intel One API addresses the growing need for applications to leverage diverse hardware resources, including CPUs,GPUs, andFPGAs.
  • Framework Integration: Attendees learned how Intel One API seamlessly integrates with popular frameworks like Tensor Flow and PyTorch, empowering developers to leverage existing workflows while benefiting from OneAPI’s advantages.
  • Open and Standardized One API Specification: The event highlighted the open and standardized nature of the One API specification. This fosters industry collaboration and ensures long-term viability.
  • SYCL for Heterogeneous Development: SYCL, a key language supported by the Khronos Group, was introduced as a primary tool for developing applications on diverse hardware using the One API programming model.
  • Standardized Interfaces: The session explained how OneAPI provides standardized interfaces for both common libraries and hardware. This simplifies development and promotes code reusability.

Hands-on Experience

The event offered a valuable hands-on session to solidify the learning from the presentations.

  • Setting Up the Development Environment: Attendees received step-by-step guidance on installing and configuring the Intel One API development environment, ensuring they have the tools readily available for their projects.
  • Code Samples and Exercises: The session provided practical exercises and code samples that allowed participants to apply their newfound knowledge using Intel One API tools and libraries. This hands-on approach solidified their understanding of the concepts.
  • One API Project Demonstration: A complete One API project demonstration showcased the development workflow, providing valuable insights into the entire development process using One API.
  • Hardware Acceleration Demos: The session concluded with practical demonstrations using the Intel Neural Compute Stick and UP Squared board. This hands-on experience allowed participants to witness hardware acceleration capabilities in action.

Overall, the Intel One API event equipped attendees with the knowledge and practical skills to leverage this powerful toolkit for developing high-performance, portable applications across diverse hardware architectures.

Student Feedback:

  1. The workshop’s hands-on approach and interactive style were beneficial.
  2. The workshop content aligns with their academic curriculum and future career paths.
  3. The presenters adeptly conveyed the fundamentals of OneAPI and Intel DevCloud.
  4. The event’s inclusivity was commendable, fostering learning and collaboration among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Faculty Coordinator:

Core Team Members:

IoT Core Team Members:

AI Core Team Members:

“Build your Smart Home” using Raspberry Pi

Date: August 19, 2023 (Saturday)

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM

Venue: C304 (CSE Dept. IoT Lab), AB3

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Anbazhagan Mahadevan – [CSE]

Participants: 39 Students [3rd year and 2nd year]

  • 9 students from CCE
  • 3 students from ECE
  • 16 students from CSE
  • 4 students from EEE
  • 8 students from ELC

Hardware Used:

  1. Raspberry pi 3
  2. Grove Pi kit
  3. Mic and speaker

IoT Club Resource Persons: (3 from IoT team, Intel IoT club)

  1. Mohan V – CB.EN.U4CCE20033 – IoT Team Lead – Presenter
  2. Yash Puthalath – CB.EN.U4CSE21270 – IoT Team Member – Presenter
  3. Kavin chandhrru K – CB.EN.U4ELC21030 – IoT Team Member – Event Management


  1. Module 1 – Basics of IoT, raspberry pi and grove pi
  2. Sensors – Buzzer
  3. Module 2 – Smart alarm
  4. Sensors – Ultrasonic sensor
  5. Module 3 – Smart door lock
  6. Sensors – sound sensor
  7. Module 4 – Smart Mirror
  8. Sensors – temperature and humidity sensor
  9. Module 5 – Smart Refrigerator
  10. Sensors – light sensor
  11. Module 6 – Smart Electricity Meter
  12. Sensors – relay
  13. Module 7 – Smart garage
  14. Sensors – rotary angle sensor
  15. Module 8 – Smart doorbell 16. Sensors – led fade

Feedback from Audience

  1. The audience learnt the basics of IoT, raspberry pi board, grove pi kit.
  2. The audience found this as interesting workshop as it had practical use.
  3. The interactive session with the club head gave them a lot of insights into IoT.
IoT Competition using Raspberry Pi

Date: August 14, 2023 (Monday)

Timing: 10 AM to 4 PM

Mode: Online

Problem Statement: Find an application with maximum number of sensors in grove pi kit

Participants: 20 Students [3rd year and 2nd year]

  • 4 students from CCE
  • 2 students from ECE
  • 10 students from CSE
  • 4 students from EEE

IoT Club Resource Persons:

  1. Mohan V – CB.EN.U4CCE20033 – IoT Team Lead – Competition Co-ordinator

Feedback from Audience:

  1. The audience applied what they learnt from the IoT workshop. They were able to complete the competition with all the support from team
  2. The audience has found this as interesting to apply what they learned
MS Team – Online session for competition
Intel IoT Club Induction 2024

Date: February 6, 2024 (Tuesday)

Timing: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Mode: Offline

Venue: Sandeepani Hall, AB2

Participants: 90 Students [3rd years, 2nd years and 1st years], 4 Faculty from CSE Department Description: The Intel IoT Club recently celebrated a milestone at its induction event, marking two years of innovation, collaboration, and technological exploration. The gathering showcased the club’s achievements, with the new team reflecting on their journey since inception. Members shared success stories, highlighting cutting-edge projects, and the transformative impact on the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. Attendees witnessed the evolution of the club, from its humble beginnings to a dynamic hub for IoT enthusiasts. The event emphasized knowledge sharing, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging the exploration of emerging IoT trends. The Intel IoT Club’s two-year anniversary symbolizes a thriving community dedicated to pushing technological boundaries.

Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Anbazhagan Mahadevan – [CSE]

Faculty coordinator

Dr. Anantha Narayanan V – [CSE] –

IoT lab Faculty Incharge

Core Team Members:

Pendyala Deepak Sai  –

Intel IoT Student Ambassador

Pravinkumar G

Event Management lead

IoT Core Team Members:

Mohan V  –

Intel IoT Team lead

Quiz Price Distribution

“PiCraft: Build a Game Server with RasPi workshop” IoT Workshop

Date: February 28, 2024 (Wednesday)

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM

Venue: C303 (CSE Dept. IoT Lab), AB3, Amrita Vishwa vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Participants: 65 Students [3rd year, 2nd year and 1st year]

  • 18 students from ECE
  • 15 students from EEE
  • 10 students from CSE
  • 5 students from ELC
  • 5 students from ARE
  • 5 students from CYS
  • 3 students from AIE
  • 2 students from Int. Data Science
  • 1 student from MTech. AIE

Hardware Used:

  1. Raspberry pi 3
  2. Grove Pi kit
  3. Mic and speaker

IoT Club Resource Persons:

  1. Taruneshwaran – CB.EN.U4AIE21170 – IoT Team Member – Presenter
  2. Mohan V – CB.EN.U4CCE20033 – Student Mentor – Presenter
  3. Jaidev – CB.EN.U4AIE21117 – Presenter
  4. Karthik – CB.EN.U4AIE21121 – Presenter 5. Gayathri Devi – CB.EN.U4AIE21112– Presenter


  1. Session 1 – Basics of IoT, raspberry pi and grove pi – 9 30 AM to 12:30 PM
  2. Session 2 – Building Game server– 2 PM to 4:30 PM

Student Feedback:

  1. The hands-on experience and interactive nature of the workshop was good.
  2. The content covered in the workshop is relevant to their academic curriculum and future career prospects.
  3. The presenters, Taruneshwaran and Mohan V, effectively communicated the basics of IoT, Raspberry Pi, and Grove Pi.
  4. The inclusive nature of the event was good, allowing them to learn and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds.
  5. The hardware resources provided, such as Raspberry Pi 3 and Grove Pi kit, are easily accessible and contribute to a smooth learning experience.

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Anbazhagan Mahadevan – [CSE] –

Faculty coordinator

Dr. Anantha Narayanan V – [CSE] –

IoT lab Faculty In-charge

Core Team Members:

Sarvesh Shashikumar –

Club Head – Intel IoT Student Ambassador

Pravinkumar G –

Event Management lead

Pendyala Deepak Sai  –

Founder – Intel IoT Student Ambassador

Mohan V –

Student Mentor / Ex-IoT Team Lead

IoT Core Team Members:

Srinithi A –

IoT Team Lead

AI Core Team Members:

Balasuriya R –

AI/ML Team lead


OpenVINO Training: 8th February, 2022

Intel IoT Club held its first industrial training session on Intel DevCloud and Intel OpenVINO Toolkit. During the training, attendees learned about the power of deep learning and its various applications, as well as how to use Intel DevCloud to test the performance of AI models on Intel processors. The training session also covered the benefits of the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, which enables users to optimize, tune, and run comprehensive AI inference using included development tools. Attendees had the opportunity to see a demonstration of the toolkit in action through a project called “Safety Detection”.

Overall, this training session provided attendees with valuable insights and hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI tools and technologies, helping them to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving field of AI.

Over 150 students were able to pass the quiz and earn their certification from Intel. This accomplishment represents a significant achievement and highlights the dedication and hard work of these individuals. By earning this certification, they have demonstrated their readiness to take on new challenges and pursue exciting opportunities in the field of IoT.

Breaking into AI: 21st May, 2022

The Intel IoT Club at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, hosted their first offline event, Pie & AI – Amrita: Breaking into AI. The event received an overwhelming response, with over 270 registrations and 150 people in attendance.

Deepak has given a comprehensive speech about the importance of joining clubs and extracurricular activities, introduced the benefits of joining the Intel IoT Club, which gives students access to Intel-developed tools like Intel DevCloud and Open VINO and provides industrial exposure in AI, ML, and IoT.

Furthermore, Deepak discussed the collaboration with DeepLearning.AI. Prem Sundar, the AI lead introduced the audience to AI, machine learning. Akash introduced the ML and it’s types, examples, daily uses. Mohan briefed the audience about IoT and its applications, smart cities and homes. Faculty Coordinator Anbazhagan discussed about the future activites of club and the need of student’s active participation.

Check Out Recordings and Gallery

Breaking into AIoT: 15th November, 2022

Over 585 people registered to attend, with over 400 actually attending the event. The event provided attendees with domain knowledge on IoT, AR, and machine learning, with a particular focus on decentralized data,
Federated learning, and Intel technologies and applications of ML-Federated learning.

The event also highlighted a project development and research initiative called “Projects 1O1” being undertaken by the Intel IoT Club. With the inclusion of a dedicated team working on project development and research at an IoT Lab on the campus, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about and engage with real-world examples of these technologies in action.

Our Industry speaker, Navaneeth Malingan given a insigtful lecture on OpenSource, Competitive Coding and entrepreneurship. It was a good interactive session with the audience.

Check Out Recordings and Gallery

Blog-A-Thon: 15th November, 2022

A Blog Competition was held where participants had to write an original blog of at least 800 words on topics related to ML, AI, Deep Learning, or IoT, with bonus points for including Intel technologies. In total, 12 people submitted their blogs, and after careful evaluation, three of them were declared as winners.

Overall, the contest provided an excellent platform for the participants to showcase their knowledge and writing skills in the fields of ML, AI, Deep Learning, and IoT. It also helped in spreading awareness about the recent developments and inventions in these fields, which are becoming increasingly important in today’s world.

Faculty Coordinator

Intel IoT Club
Dr. Anbazhagan Mahadevan

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Engineering, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Core Team

Intel IoT Club
Deepak Sai P

Head & Intel SAP

Intel IoT Club
Mohan V

IoT Lead

Intel IoT Club
Akash S

ML Lead

Intel IoT Club
Jayanth M

AI Lead

Intel IoT Club
Gowtham Krishna T

Technical Lead

Intel IoT Club

Event Management Lead

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