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This is the Dance Club which promotes knowledge and practice of classical and current dance forms, and encourages students to eschew filmi gyrations which are more titillating than enriching.

Natyasudha 2022-2023

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Independence Day

Date: 14/08/2022
Venue: Amriteswari Hall
Time: 6-8 pm

Performance by natya celebrating the 75th Independence day of India. Students of the 4th and 5th year gave patriotic performances. Themes such as the brave sacrifice of soldiers, as well as the contribution of freedom fighters were showcased. Photos attached below.

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Gokulashtami Celebration

Date: 12/10/2022
Venue: Amriteswari Hall
Time: 5-6 pm

Natya with a colorful performance as part of Gokulashtami celebrations. To elevate the joyous ”Occasion of the birth of Krishna’, girls and boys of natya gave graceful solo and group performances. Most of them being thematic dances depicting the beauty and greatness of Lord Krishna. Snapshots are attached below.

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Alumini Meet

Date: 21/01/2023
Time: 8:45 pm to 10 45 pm
Venue: Guest house

Seven teams of Natyasudha performed at the Global Amrita Alumni meet 2023. To brighten the evening all the seven teams gave splendid performances showcasing their unique styles and dance moves. Snapshots and details of the performers are attached.

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Jamming Session

Date: 23/01/23
Venue: Ab1 car parking
Time: 5 30 pm to 7 pm

Jamming session was coordinated and organized by the natyasudha in the parking lot. Performances included solo, duo and trio combinations. Students were able to choose choreos that highlighted their best styles. We were able to include so many songs in so many different languages so as to engage and entertain the audience.
Few snapshots from the event is also attached.

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Date: 02/02/2023
Venue: Amriteswari Hall
Time : 5-7pm

All the seven teams of natya had conducted an induction program for their juniors showcasing their unique styles and themes. This would act as a guide for juniors to decide what style they would like to pursue and which team to join. The dances included themes like the contribution of farmers, passion for dance, narabali etc.
Some photos are attached below.

Team Tarang had served a very soulful performance portraying the strenuous lives of farmers in our country and their contribution to the society which goes unnoticed. The team focuses on a fusion of contemporary and semi classical style.

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The hiphop based boy group Descendants had succeeded in reminding us to be who we truly want to be. They were able to touch the hearts of dancers through their theme ‘Passion for dance’ where they presented their own love for dance and nudged us to not let society’s opinion get in our minds.

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Team Jhalak gave us an eye opening performance on tribal issues based on the muthanga incident. Wearing the folk attire and makeup that expresses their culture the team was able to deliver the incident of police firing on the Adivasis (tribal clans) in the Muthanga village of Wayanad district, Kerala.

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Team Praana x Rudra focuses on a fusion of theme based classical and contemporary styles. The concept where man forgets the boundaries that defines him and turns to a wild beast which lead to some of the most savagous atrocities around us, the concept of ‘Narabali’.

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Team scarlet presented a performance that is relatable to every student at some point of their life. They showcased the importance of not falling for peer pressure that forces us to do things we may regret. A shy timid girl wanting to be a part of the ‘popular group’ in school realizes her true personality and stands for what she thinks is right.

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Pragati 2023

Date: 10/02/2023
Venue: Amriteswari Hall
Time: 9 am

The girls of natya had performed as part of Pragati celebration 2023. Few members of natya had performed semi classical and contemporary dances to enlighten the stage and the program. Photos are attached bellow.

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Sivarathri Celebration

Date: 19/02/23
Venue: Main Ground Time: 12: 50 am

As part of the shivaratri celebrations conducted inside campus, students had given a magnificent treat to the audience. All the dances presented were thematic describing the eminence of Lord Shiva. Themes mostly included Shiva thandav and lasya. Photos taken during the event are attached below.

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Ragam (NIT Calicut)

Date: 12/03/2023
Venue: NIT Calicut
Time: 5 am

Members of natya had the privilege to attend and participate in the group dance competition ‘Choreo Night’ part of Ragam 2023 held at NIT Calicut. The group gave a thematic performance on the concept of Narabali. The dance choreo had a fusion of multiple dance styles such as semi classical, contemporary and hiphop. Photos taken are attached below.


Thandav’23 & Auditions’23 – Event Report

The Natyasudha club also known to be the dance club of the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham hosted an awestriking club induction event commonly known as THANDAV with the title of the event being THANADV’23. The event was successfully conducted in the Amriteswari hall on the evening of 21st November 2023 starting at 5:30 pm. The Natyasudha club has a total of 7 teams starting as 4 girl teams and they are Praana, Tarang, Jhalak, and Scarlet Creed and the rest of the 3 groups are Rhythm Radzz, E360, and Descendants.

The event started off with the lighting of the lamp from the esteemed invited chief guests to theevent Dr.A.S.Ramkumar(Prof.Students Welfare) followed by the club faculty coordinators Dr.VijayaChandrakala K.R.M (Dept.Electrical and ElectronicsEngg.) and Dr.DhanyaSathyan(Dept. of Civil Engg.) and as well as the Presidents of the club Swarup Rosario and SreeSakthiwas a part of lighting the lamp along with the esteemed guests. Following the lighting of the lamp it was followed by the prayer song from Jahnavi from the Raagasudha club.

With all the praying to god to make the event a success the event started with a bang with the first performance being delivered from the Team Rhythm Radzz. The team Rhythm Radzz led by Devananth G is a team that primarily takes its style to kuthu and freestyle along with contemporary delivered a really good start and the vibe the event needed. Their performance focusing on the themes of present 2000s and retro 90’s music was really bliss and the required entertainment was provided. It was followed by Team Jhalak led by Rani Krishna primarily focused its dance style on bollypop and freestyle including semi-classical contemporary, performed on theenlightingtheme of the story of kuyili and their performance added some grace and aura to the event and left the audience with a great feel. The third performance was given by the Team Descendants led by Sanjay their dance style is mainly hip hop, break, and freestyling performed a very specular theme of a time machine representing the dance styles and music styles from the 90s and till present date. The whole team along with the theme and their dance left the audience to think of the fresh concept from a dance.

The middle order of the performances to the event was delivered by Team E360 led by Kalki Chandrasekhar Reddy focused their dance style mainly on Mass, Freestyle, And Energetic beats and good numbers of Hip Hop. The team performed on a soothing theme of heartune showing how one’s invention though useless to many was major life-turning for an orphan. Their fresh concept made the audience experience different emotions towards their closest people. Then it was time for the most awaited team performance at number Team Praana led by Haritha N R, which is a classical style focused team with trained dancers in classical dance forms, took to the stage with the most spectacular concept of Nagavalli and started performing and to say they left the audience at the edge of their seats audience were completely immersed with the performance from the beginning to the end of the performance the team left the whole group speechless.

The next team following Praana was the Team Scarlet Creed Led by Arya Vasudevan which focuses mainly on western, freestyle, and mass dance styles danced on the concept of inclusion of women in sports and they put a different message towards the audience and left the stage with a powerful and high vibing dance. After all of these beautiful performances, the time came for the last performance and it was delivered by Team Tarang led by Nandana KP the team performed on the theme of Women’s Empowerment and delivered and dance performance that brought a smile on everybody’s face from the audience during their performance as they danced with a nature of enjoyment and happiness.

That performance concluded the dance parts and the audition registration QR was put for first and Second years to register to get into the Natyasudha Club, With that note the event concluded with the photograph of the whole club and it came to an end.

The stage came alive with an explosion of talent as Praana, Tarang, Jhalak, Scarlet Creed, Rhythm Radzz, E360, and Descendants teams delivered a mesmerizing students’ dance performance. Each team brought a distinct flavor to the showcase, collectively creating a kaleidoscope of diverse styles and a pulsating rhythm that left the audience in awe.

Natyasudha Auditions 23

The Natyasudha Auditions registration link was open from the day of the event Thandav’23 on 21st November 2023 and it was open to 25th November 2023 and a total of 183 registrations were received. The auditions were held for two days the dates were 27th and 28th November 2023. Sudhamani Hall was used for holding the auditions and total of 140 students showed up to the auditions and a number of 45 members were selected and were declared under the particular teams within 3 days of the auditions of round 2.

The students’ dance auditions were a dynamic showcase of talent, as each participant infused their unique style and creativity into the choreography, making the selection process a celebration of diversity in movement.

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