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Amrita Coconut Research and Development Center


ACORD (Amrita Coconut Research and Development Center) is an engineering research lab developing intelligent robots and AI solutions to revolutionize coconut harvesting for a sustainable future. Led by Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, a visionary professor in Electronics and Communication, our team of enthusiastic scientists and skilled technicians are on a mission to develop intelligent, autonomous technologies for coconut harvesting. Our cutting-edge research and modern facilities fuel innovations that make the vision to reality. From dedicated material resources to advanced analytical tools, we have everything needed to push the boundaries of coconut harvesting technology. ACORD isn’t just about innovation; it’s about impact. We collaborate with farmers, researchers, and industry partners to ensure our solutions empower communities and nurture a sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us on this exciting journey! Explore our website, delve into our projects, and unlock the boundless potential of the humble coconut.

Our Vision

To establish ACORD as the premier hub for coconut research and development, driving sustainable growth and empowerment through cutting-edge technologies and collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission

To generate impactful knowledge and deploy innovative technologies through world-class research, enabling increased productivity and profitability for coconut communities

Research & Development

Our Center focuses on developing and implementing automated, robotic-assisted technologies to transform coconut farming.

 Key areas of research and innovation include: 

  • Automating planting, maintenance, inspection, identifying diseases, harvesting, and manufacturing processes through robotics and AI. Studying tree growth, nutrients, and soils for optimal farm management. 
  • Analysing existing harvesting techniques and identifying areas for automation. 
  • Designing, testing, and refining robotic coconut harvesting prototypes, then training farmers on the operation. 
  • Deploying and monitoring automated harvesting systems to evaluate real-world effectiveness. 
  • Promoting adoption through demos, incentives, and government partnerships. 
  • Assessing the impact on quality, labour, and the broader industry, and using insights to further refine technologies. 

Areas of focus include: 

  • Hosting regular training workshops for farmers and researchers to learn new technologies and methodologies. 
  • Operating Farmer Field School programs for interactive learning through direct researcher-farmer engagement and hands-on activities. 
  • Convening seminars/discussions between farmers, experts, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to discuss challenges, exchange insights, and devise solutions

Project Milestone

  • The ACORD Center signed an MoU with the prestigious research body ICAR-CPCRI during its symposium on coconut farming sustainability. This partnership between two leading institutions aims to drive collaborative research and innovation in the coconut sector.
  • HuT Lab entered a strategic MoU with major industry player Marico’s Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation. This agreement marks the culmination of extensive discussions between both sides. The partners will work together to advance sustainable practices and technologies for coconut cultivation.

MoU Signing

ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

With research on coconut, areca nut, and cocoa as its mandate, ICAR-CPCRI has the focal point on the development, dissemination, and evaluation of technologies for these plantation crops which support the livelihood of close to 20 million Indians, delivering many expert solutions to improve the production, protection, and value addition aspects in these crops. 


Kalpavriksha is Marico’s flagship initiative to nurture sustainable and inclusive growth in coconut farming across India. Under this program, Marico collaborates with agricultural universities, and research institutions like CPCRI to conduct farmer training and facilitate the adoption of best practices based on soil analysis and agro-climatic conditions. 

Contact Us

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amritapuri Campus, Kollam 690525, Kerala, India

Phone: 8086673701


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