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The wireless healthcare monitoring systems research team focuses on the development of smart wireless body sensors, protocols for communication between sensors, smartphones and cloud, disease detection and analysis in the edge devices, context aware algorithms, architectures for healthcare IoT devices and big data analytics on the cloud.

Broadly, we have the following current projects:

  • Amrita Spandanam – a remote ECG monitoring and intervention framework
    A low-cost, low-power wearable ECG-monitoring monitoring framework that utilizes wireless body sensors, mobile phones and web browsers for monitoring cardiac patients who are in remote areas. The device can be worn either as a necklace or as a belt and continuously monitors and analyzes a patient’s ECG. The ECG data is sent over wireless networks, in real-time, to the patient’s cardiologist/doctor, with alerts if a patient requires examination. »»
  • Patient Monitoring System (PMS) for vitals monitoring
    The project aims at design and development of affordable sensor system that could be integrated as an inexpensive patient monitoring systems,  capable of monitoring  multiple vital physiological parameters like BP(Blood Pressure), SpO2(Blood Oxygen) and Blood Glucose and the system is capable of giving proper warning at abnormal values. »»
  • Wireless Networks and Techniques with Applications to Societal Needs (Indo Brazil Collaborative Research Project)
    Both India and Brazil have a major need to improve their education, health, and support available during disasters, especially in areas with limited connectivity. The goal of this project is to use wireless communication networks for developing enhance healthcare system impart education, build cooperation,promote collaboration, and facilitate innovation among Indian and Brazilian students, professionals, and researchers. »»

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