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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center for Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality began a weekly video conference with all of the Ph.D. researchers and various faculty. The purpose of this colloquia series was manifold: the primary benefit was for the Ph.D. researchers, who were able to present their research progress, paper publications, field plans, and other components of their work and receive feedback from peers and experienced faculty. It also allowed CWEGE’s faculty to gain an understanding of where research was at during the distance-learning-based pandemic period. Further, it allowed researchers to share ideas and methods, engaging them in the larger-picture nature of CWEGE’s research objectives. The colloquium series is currently on hiatus but may resume in 2023 in person.

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Each weekly session was attended by 15-45 scholars from the School of Sustainability, School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences, faculty, and masters-level students. These sessions typically last 90 minutes and each scholar is given 45 minutes in which to present, answer questions, and receive feedback. The iterative process of the presenting schedule allowed for refinement of work over time.

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