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Center for Computational Engineering and Networking (CEN) of Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore has several research labs includes Signal and Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Wireless Sensor, Software Define Radio and Geographic Information System labs.

Established Labs
  • Signal and Image Processing Lab
  • Natural Language Processing Lab
  • Wireless Sensor Lab
  • Software Define Radio Lab
  • Geographic Information System Lab
  • Speech labs
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Labs Under Development / Enhancement With New Facilities

  • AI & Robotics
    1. Kinematics of Robotic Arm
    2. Humanoid Robots
    3. Robots for Underwater and Aerial Applications
    4. Robots with Natural Language Processing Capability
    5. Geometric Algebra ( or Clifford algebra) tools for Robotic Vision and Control
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  • Embedded Control System Lab
    1. Arduino based Control Systems
      • Arduino based Aquaponics
      • Arduino for Home and Farm Automation
      • Quadrotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
      • Flapping Wing Dragon Fly
      • Ground and Underwater UAV
      • Arduino based 3D Printers
      • Arduino Controlled Laser Cutter
      • Arduino and Mote based Wireless Sensor Networks
    2. Solar powered Raspberry PI and Arduino based control for Unattended Remote Control
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  • Cyber security lab
    1. GPU computing for Crypt Analysis
    2. Spreadsheet computing for understanding Cryptography
    3. Open source package development for Cryptography
    4. Open source package development for Cryptography
  • Molecular Simulation and Drug discovery lab (Supported by ISRO)
  • New GIS Lab (supported by Coconut board)

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