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Year 2022

  • Design and Development of LDPE Plastic Bricks Through Triangulation Methodology
    2022 IOT with Smart Systems.
  • Exploration of Technology-Driven Income Sources for an Agricultural Community in West Bengal, India
    IOT with Smart Systems.
  • Case Study on Water Management Through Sustainable Smart Irrigation
    IOT with Smart Systems.
  • HCI curricula for sustainable innovation: the humanitarian focus at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Year 2021

  • Exploring social innovation through co-creation in rural India using action research
  • Participatory design approach to address water crisis in the village of Karkatta, Jharkhand, India
  • Performance assessment of recycled LDPE with sand fillers
  • Assessing Appropriate Technologies for Sustainable Irrigation Practices in Muljipura Village, India
  • Intervention for Improvement of Water Quality in a Rural Village in Rajasthan
  • Addressing Impure Water Quality and Associated Challenges Faced by a Rural Community in West Bengal Through Sustainable Technologies
  • ICT-Based Enhancement of Employment Schemes: A Case Study in Rural Uttarakhand, India
  • Sustainable Technologies for Improved Income Generation: A Case Study of Women Villagers in Himachal Pradesh
  • Design and development of Air to Water Generator for the Village in Kerala, India
  • Sustainable solution to address waste management and energy challenges in rural India
  • Study of an activity tracking device for rural workers through collaborative design
  • Addressing Sanitation and Health challenges in rural India through socio-technological interventions: A Case Study in Odisha
  • Evaluating the Role of Energy in a Poorly Developed Rural Village: How Technology can Support Energy Services for Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Addressing the purity and purification methods of pond water in Kalinagar, West Bengal
  • Water Scarcity: A Technical Assessment for Improved Resource Utilisation in a Rural Indian Village
  • Need Assessment and Design of an IoT based Healthcare Solution through Participatory Approaches for a Rural Village in Bihar, India
  • The Dynamics of Climate change Adaptation in India: A Review of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices among Smallholder farmers in Aravalli district, Gujarat
  • Livelihood security policy can support ecosystem restoration Restoration
  • Climate Smart Agricultural Practices and Technologies in India and South Africa: Implications for Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Blockchain based Location Sharing in 5G Open RAN Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities

Year 2020

  • Augmenting Technology to Address the Rural Sanitation
  • Role of technology in utilising water as a resource for sustainable development
  • System Design for Integrating Technologies for Building Water Wise Communities
  • Clean Technologies for Optimization of Solid Waste Management in Village of Majerdari, West Bengal
  • Technology enabled pathways for a waste free village
  • The Impact of Water Distribution Inconsistency in the Rural Settlements of Punjab and to Extrapolate a Nature Based Sustainable Technology to Enhance Livelihood
  • Waste Management for sustainable rural futures in the village of Muljipura, Madhya Pradesh
  • Technology Aided Waste Management Practices in the Village of Maira, Punjab
  • Improving Income Generation Opportunities and Livelihood of Women in Pandori by Enhancing their Skills
  • Technologies for Efficient Water Utilisation in the village of Maira, Punjab
  • Employing Sustainable Advances in Technology to Address the Rising Unemployment levels in Muljipura, Madhya Pradesh
  • Technology Driven Rural Healthcare Practices for the Villagers of Sarai Nooruddinpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Can Software based Integrated Platform be a Solution for Holistic Medical Care in Developing Communities?
  • Technology Assisted Rural Futures in the Village of Moti Borvai
  • Computing for mitigation of health vulnerabilities for the village Morasiya in Bihar, India
  • Thinking beyond agriculture through technological interventions in the village of Motiborvai
  • Context aware Community based systems for sustainable waste management in Morasia, Bihar.
  • Technology powered resource utilization for income generation opportunities in the rural villages of chhattisgarh
  • Using Human Centered Design to Improve Socio-economic Livelihoods with Modernized Irrigation Systems
  • Assessment of waste management practices and its impact on the village ecosystem in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Technology for Addressing Income Insufficiency in Rural India
  • Assessment of Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Uttarakhand, India
  • Women empowerment through productivity, rural development and technology: Assessment of cross linkages within a village of Maharashtra, India
  • Problem Assessment and Interventions for Improving Agricultural Methods and Practices among Small and Marginal Farmers in Rajasthan, India
  • Agricultural Problems and Technology-Based Sustainable Solutions for an Impoverished Village of Bihar, India
  • Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Income Generation through Efficient use of Available Resources in a Village in Odisha, India
  • Investigating the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Experiential Learning Programs: MBA Students Experience with Live-in-Labs
  • A Preliminary Study on Effectiveness of an Ingeniously Developed Wearable Assistive Device
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