Course Title: 
Advanced Construction Practices
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Year Taught: 
Postgraduate (PG)
School of Engineering

'Advanced Construction Practices' is a course offered in the second semester of M. Tech. program in Structural & Construction Engineering at the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus.

Construction Materials: Introduction to material structure and properties. Metals and Special Alloys of Steel – Glass and Glazing - Structural Plastics and Composites - Polymer Membranes, Coatings, Adhesives - Flooring and Facade Materials - High performance concrete.

Sub-structure Construction: Construction of diaphragm walls, H walls and basement- Shoring for deep cutting - Underpinning; Trenchless Technology; Box jacking, Pipe Jacking. Tunneling Techniques- Piling Techniques-Driving Well And Caisson-Sinking Cofferdam - Cable Anchoring and Grouting.

Super Structure Construction: Techniques of construction for continuous concreting operation in Tall buildings of various shapes and varying sections - cooling towers, silos, chimney - erection techniques of tall structures - erection of articulated structures - aerial transporting, handling, erecting light weight components on tall structures - Large span structures - In-situ pre-stressing in high rise structures. Composite construction of steel and concrete. Rapid construction techniques.

Special Structures: Construction sequences in sky scrapers, bow string bridges, cable stayed bridges - Launching techniques for heavy decks and box decks - support structure for heavy equipment and machinery in industries.

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