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Unit 1

Chemistry of Engineering Plastics : Preparation, properties and applications of ABS, polycarbonates, epoxy resins – polyamides – Nylon and Kevlar.

Chemistry of Carbon nanotubes : Introduction, carbon nanotubes – fabrication, structure, electrical properties – vibrational properties – mechanical properties – applications of carbon nanotubes.

Unit 2

Electron transfer studies in salt based conductors and magnets : Introduction – definitions and units – ferromagnets and ferrimagnets. One-dimensional conductors – quasi one and two-dimensional super conductor. Fullerides – paramagnetic conductors and superconductors. Electron transfer salt based ferromagnets: nitroxide, metallocene and ferric magnet-based ferromagnets – weak ferro magnets. Nanopore containment of magnetic particles – nanocarbon ferromagnets.

Unit 3

Functional electro active polymers : Conjugated polymers – synthesis, processing and doping of conjugated polymers: polyacetylene, polyaniline, polythiophene, poly (p-phenylenevinylene) – ionically conducting polymers – applications of conjugated polymers. Semi-conducting, poly ferrocene – photo resist optical fibers and sensors, photo chromic & thermo chromic materials.

Photochemistry in Electronics : Laws of absorption – quantum efficiency and quantum yield – florescence and phosphorescence – photosensitization.

High energy materials : Preparation, properties and application of ammonium nitrate (AN), NH4NO3, ammonium perchlorate (AP), NH4ClO4, ammonium dinitramide (AND), NH4N(NO2)2, hydrazinium nitroformate (HNF), N2H5C(NO2)3 etc.

Text Books

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  2. Chawla S, “A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry”, Dhanpat Rai & Co, Delhi, (2001).


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  • Interrante L. V. and Hampden Smith M.J, ‘Chemistry of Advanced Materials’, Wiley-VCH, (1988).

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