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Colloidal and Interfacial Chemistry
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Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Colloidal and Interfacial Chemistry' is a course offered for the B. Tech. programs at the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Introduction to surfaces, interfaces and colloids: Molecular origin, Surface phenomena and structure of interfaces, Surfactants structure, colloids in action - shapes and size distribution, Types of interaction forces - Physical and Chemical interaction, Classification of physical forces - Vander Waals force, electrostatic forces.

The Adsorption Phenomena - Structure and Properties of Adsorption Layers at the Liquid-Gas Interface, Principles of adsorption thermodynamics, The Gibbs equation, Structure and properties of the adsorption layers at the air-water interface.

Unit 2

Interfaces between Condensed Phases - W etting, The interfaces between condensed phases in two-component systems, Adsorption at interfaces between condensed phases.

Thermodynamics - Adsorption, energy consideration of physical adsorption vs chemisorptions, Gibbs adsorption equation, Langmuir isotherm, BET isotherm, adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces. Emulsions - formation and stability, HLB number, PIT (Phase Inversion Temperature) foams, aerosols, Microemulsions, vesicles, micelles and membranes - applications of various colloidal systems.

Unit 3

Characterization of Colloids, Rheological properties - Classification, Interfacial rheology, Interfacial tension, Electrochemistry of interfaces - Electric double layer.

Stability of charge stabilized colloids, DLVO theory, Hamaker constant, Boltzmann distribution, Debye length, specific ion adsorption, stern layer, electrostatic, steric and electrosteric stabilization, zeta potential, surface tension, wetting and spreading, contact angle - Young’s modulus, practical application - solid surfaces - surface mobility, characteristics and formation.

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