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Communicative English (Advanced)
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Year Taught: 
Integrated Degree
School of Arts and Sciences

'Writing from the Margins' is a course offered in Tenth Semester of B. A. (Bachelor of Arts) English Language and Literature program at the School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus.

To help the students attain high level proficiency in all the four language skills; to equip them for competitive examinations and various International English Language Tests; to enhance their career prospects and employability; to help them develop their personality by fine tuning their communication and presentation skills.

Unit 1

Listening and Speaking: varieties of modern English - British, American, Indian-basic sounds, deviations in American and other varieties.

Verbal communication: conversation-basic techniques- how to begin, interrupt, hesitate and end – how to express time, age, feelings and emotions- how to respond – using language in various contexts/situations- talking about oneself, others- describing persons, places, incidents, events and objects- attending an interview addressing an audience- using audio-visual aids- making short.

Unit 2

Speeches compering - group discussion.

Non-Verbal Communication: body language: postures - orientation-eye contact – facial expressiondress- posture - self-concept - self-image - self-esteem- attitudes – Values and perception.

Unit 3

Reading and Writing. 

Skimming and scanning-fast reading- writing short messages- e-mails- preparing notes and reports based on visuals, graphs and diagrams- letters- informal, formal/ official/ business related – preparing agenda, minutes –CV-Describing persons, places, incidents and events- writing adsshort argumentative essays.

Words often confused and misused – synonyms- antonyms- idioms commonly usedcorresponding American expressions.

Unit 4

Writing for specific purpose.

Scientific writing- business writing- preparing of project proposal – writing of summaries and reviews of movies and books in English/regional languages.

Unit 5

Practical sessions. 

Language skills tests (Written):

  1. Translation od short and simple passages - from Malayalam to English
  2. Providing captions for photo and pictures
  3. Symposium - Presenting different aspects of a debatable topic.
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