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Contract Laws and Regulations
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Engineering

'Contract Laws and Regulations' is an elective course offered in M. Tech. program in Structural & Construction Engineering at the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus.

Construction Contracts - Indian Contracts Act – Elements of Contracts – Types of Contracts – Features – Suitability – Tenders - PreQualification – Bid Formation – Accepting – Bid evaluation from Technical, Contractual and Commercial Points of View – Contract Formation and Interpretation – FIDIC, CPWD & Niti Aayog Standard contract conditions. Design of Contract Documents – International Contract Document – Standard Contract Document – Law of Torts – World Bank Procedures and Guidelines – Potential Contractual Problems Transparency in Tenders Act.

Dispute Resolution Systems - Engineer In Charge decision-Change orders, Dispute Resolution studies, Documentation. Arbitration - Comparison of Actions and Laws – Agreements – Subject Matter – Violations – Appointment of Arbitrators – Conditions of Arbitration – Powers and Duties of Arbitrator – Rules of Evidence – Enforcement of Award – Costs. Legal Requirements - Insurance and Bonding – Laws Governing Sale, Purchase and Use of Urban and Rural Land – Land Revenue Codes – Tax Laws – Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise and Custom Duties and their Influence on Construction Costs – Legal Requirements for Planning – Property Law – Agency Law – Local Government Laws for Approval – Statutory Regulations.

Labour Regulation - Social Security – Welfare Legislation – Laws relating to Wages, Bonus and Industrial Disputes, Labour Administration – Insurance and Safety Regulations – Workmen’s Compensation Act – Factory Acts – Labour Laws.

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