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Control Systems Engineering
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Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Control Systems Engineering' (Pre-requisite: 15CSE204 Signal Processing I) is a course offered for the B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Communication Engineering at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Introduction - System Configurations - Analysis and design objectives - Design process - Computer-aided design - Laplace transform review - The transfer function: Electrical network Transfer functions - Translational mechanical system transfer functions - Electric circuit analogs – Nonlinearities – Linearization - Transfer function of a DC motor. Poles Zeros and system response - Time response analysis (1st, 2nd order) - System response with additional poles - System response with zeros. Reduction of multiple system - Block reduction techniques - Signal flow graph - Mason’s gain formula. Stability: Routh-Hurwitz criterion - Steady-state error for unity feedback systems - Static error constants and system type - Steady-state error specifications.

Unit 2

The root locus, properties of the root locus - Sketching the root locus - Transient response Design via gain adjustment - Frequency response techniques. Asymptotic approximations: Bode plots - Introduction to the Nyquist criterion – Stability - Gain margin and Phase margin via Nyquist diagram and Bode plots relation between closed loop transient and closed loop frequency responses - Relation between closed and open loop frequency responses - Relation between closed loop transient and open loop frequency responses - Steady-state error characteristics from frequency response - Systems with time delay - Obtaining transfer functions.

Unit 3

Design via frequency response - Transient response design via gain adjustment - Lag compensation - Lead compensation - The general state - Space representation - Applying the state-space representation - Converting a transfer function to statespace - Converting from state-space to a transfer function.


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