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Course Detail

Course Name Data Security
Course Code 15ECE363
Program B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Introduction:History of Cryptography. Mathematical background: Probability theory -Information theory – Complexity theory, Number theory. Symmetric (Private) Key Cryptographic Systems: Caesar – Aff ine – Monoalphabetic Substitution – Transposition – Homophonic substitution – Vignere – Beauford and DES Family – Product ciphers – Lucifer and DES.

Unit 2

Asymmetric (Public) Key Cryptographic Systems: Concept of PKCS, RSA Cryptosystem- Variants of RSA – Primality testing – Security of RSA – Merkle – Hellamn – Security of Merkle – Hellaman, ElGamal. Elliptical Curve Cryptography. Stream ciphers and block ciphers: The one time pad – Synchronous stream ciphers – Self-synchronizing stream ciphers – Feedback shift registers – Linear Complexity – Non-linear feedback shift registers – Stream ciphers based LFSRs. Non-linear Combination generators – Non linear filter generators – Clock controlled generators – The alternating step generators – The shrinking generators.

Unit 3

Digital Signatures: Properties, Generic signature schemes – Rabin Lamport – Matyasmeyer, RSA – Multiple RSA and ElGamal Signatures – Digital signature standard – Blind Signatures- RSA Blind. Secret Sharing Algorithms: Threshold secret sharing – Shamir scheme, Blakley scheme and modular Scheme. Pseudo random number generators: Definition of randomness and pseudo-randomness – Statistical tests of randomness – Linear congruential generator – Modern PRNGs (a brief description).

Text Books

  1. Padmanabhan T R, Shyamala C and Harini N, “Cryptography and Security”, Wiley Publications 2011.
  2. Josef Pieprzyk, Thomas Hardjono and Jenifer Seberry, “Fundamentals of Computer Security”, Springer 2010.


  1. Douglas R Stinson, “Cryptography:Theory and Practice”, CRC Press 2005.
  2. Alfred J Menezes, Paul C Van Oorshot and Scott A. Vanstone, “Handbook of Applied Cryptography”, CRC press 1996.

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