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Course Detail

Course Name Design of Machine Elements I
Course Code 15MEC301
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Semester Five
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Design definition, Classification, General considerations, Design Procedure, Basic requirements of machine elements, Design Codes and Standard, Fits and Tolerance, Surface finish, Preferred numbers, Engineering Materials – Review of Mechanical properties of Engineering Materials, Material selection.

Design for Strength:
Design for Static Loading: Simple Stresses – tensile Stress, Compressive Stress and Shear Stress, Compound Stresses – Torsional Stress and Bending Stress, Types of Loading, Simple and Compound Stresses, Working Stress, Factor of Safety, Factors Influencing selection of FOS, Eccentric Loading, Combined Loading, Theories of Failure,

Design for Dynamic Loading: Impact load, Impact energy, Impact stress, Resilience, Toughness.

Stress Concentration: Stress Concentration, Stress Concentration Factor, Determination of Stress Concentration factor, Methods of Reducing Stress Concentration,

Unit 2

Variable and Cyclic Loads: Fatigue Load, Stress Cycle, Fluctuating loading, Reversed Loading, Repeated Loading, Endurance Strength, Endurance Limit, S-N Curves, Modifying Factors: Size effect, Surface effect, Stress Concentration effects, Goodman and Soderberg relationship; Stresses due to Combined Loading.

DESIGN OF SHAFTS: Design for strength and Rigidity with Steady loading, ASME & BIS codes for Power Transmission shafts, Shafts subjected to Combined Twisting Moment and Bending Moment, Shafts under Fluctuating loads and Combined loads.

KEYS AND COUPLINGS: Keys and Splines, Design of keys, Design of Rigid and Flexible couplings.

Unit 3

MECHANICAL JOINTS: Riveted Joints: Types, Rivet Materials, Failures of Riveted Joints, Boiler Joints – longitudinal and circumferential.

Welded Joints: Types, Strength of Butt and Fillet welds, Eccentrically loaded Welded Joints

POWER SCREWS: Types of Screw Threads used for Power Screws, Torque required to Raise and Lower the load, Efficiency and Self-locking, Design of Screw Jack. Design of screws for C-Clamp and machine vice.

Text Books

  1. Robert L. Norton, Machine Deign – ‘An Integrated Approach’ – Pearson Education – 2011 – 2nd Edition
  2. Bhandari V. B. – ‘Design of Machine Elements’ – Tata McGraw-Hill Education – 2010 – 3rd Edition
  3. Design Data: Data Book of Engineers’ by PSG College Kalaikathir Achchagam – Coimbatore, 2012.


  • Shigley J. E. and Mische C. R. – ‘Mechanical Engineering Design’ – McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited – 2011 – 9th Edition
  • U. C. Jindal – ‘Machine Design’ – Pearson Publications – 2010 – 1st Edition

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