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Design of Machine Elements II
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Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Design of Machine Elements II' is a course offered in the sixth semester of B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Lubrication, Bearings - Introduction, Viscosity, Classification, Hydrodynamic & Hydrostatic Lubrication, Pressure distribution - eccentricity and minimum film thickness, Thick & Thin film lubrication, Bearing materials,

Journal bearings (Sliding contact bearing) - Bearing characteristic numbers, Petroff's equation, Sommerfeld number, Mckee’s equation, Journal bearings design.

Rolling Contact Bearings - Types, Static & Dynamic load carrying capacity, Reliability, Selection of antifriction bearings for Static & Dynamic conditions, Selection of antifriction bearings for constant and varying loads.

Introduction, Classification & Application of flexible power transmission systems, Simple and Compound power drives.

Belt Drives - Flat belt drives, types, belt configuration, velocity ratio, slip, condition for maximum power transmission, length of open and cross belt drives, centrifugal tension, initial tension, selection of belts, flat belt pulleys, fast and loose pulleys, Designation of V-belt, Advantages and Disadvantages of v-belt drives, Selection of V-belt,

Rope Drives - Types, Designation of wire rope, Length of wire rope, factor of safety, Stresses in hoisting wire ropes, Selection of wire ropes, Wire rope Sheaves and Drums.

Chain drives - Introduction,Terms used in chain drives, Classification, Conveyor chains, Power transmitting chains, Roller chains, Factor of Safety for chain drives, Selection of chain drives.

Unit 2

GEARS - Types, Applications and Gear Terminology,

Spur Gears - Law of gearing, conjugate action and interference in gears, Gear tooth profiles, involute profile, Influence of number of teeth and pressure angle, Gear tooth failure modes, beam strength of gear tooth - Lewis equation, Gear materials, Force analysis, Design for strength, Dynamic and wear load.

Helical gears – Applications, Virtual number of teeth on helical gears, Force analysis, Design of helical gears.

Bevel Gears - Nomenclature of straight and spiral bevel gears, Applications, Design of bevel gears.

Worm Gears - Nomenclature of worm gears, Applications, Design of worm gears.

Gear Boxes - types, Gear tooth loads and bearing reactions, Standard speed ratios - speed diagram, Design of multi stage, multi speed gear boxes,

Unit 3

Clutches - Introduction, Principle of operation of friction clutches, Clutch materials, friction lining materials, Types of clutches, Single plate clutches, Multi-plate clutches, Axial clutches, Cone clutches, Centrifugal clutches,Selection of clutches.

Brakes - Introduction, Energy to be dissipated, Heating of brakes, Shoe or Block brakes (Single & Double), internal and external shoe brakes, self-locking brakes, Differential band brakes, Internal expanding brakes.

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NOTE: Design of some of the above components for practical applications can be emphasized for better understanding and Continuous Evaluation of the Course.