Course Title: 
Electrical Energy Systems I
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Year Taught: 
Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Electrical Energy Systems I' is a course offered in the sixth semester of B. Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Structure of electric power system, General layout of power system, Methods of electric power generation - Grid systems advantages - EHV AC and HVDC transmission - Variable load on power stations - Load curve and load duration curve - Power factor improvement – Tariff-Transmission line parameters - Skin effect and proximity effect - Inductance of single phase and three phase transmission line single and double circuit lines - symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing

Unit 2

Capacitance of three phase transmission line - single and double circuit lines - symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing - bundled conductors -Performance of transmission lines - Efficiency and regulation - Short, medium and long lines - ABCD constants - Ferranti effect - surge impedance - Real and reactive power flow in transmission lines - shunt and series compensation - corona loss. Cables - Construction and characteristics of single and three core cables - Insulation resistance and capacitance of a single core cable, most economical conductor size -Grading of cables.

Unit 3

Insulators – types - voltage distribution in suspension type insulators - string efficiency - Grading of insulators - Mechanical design of transmission lines - sag and span - supports at same level and different levels - sag template and stringing chart – Substations - types, general layout, Neutral grounding, Distribution systems: comparison of distribution systems – radial and ring – two wire dc, ac single phase and three phase systems – current and voltage calculations in distributors with concentrated and distributed loads.

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