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Course Detail

Course Name Fundamentals of Nanomaterials
Course Code 19MEE433
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Introduction to advanced material science, basic principles of nano material and its relation with properties, Examples nanomaterials in daily life (GMR read heads, NEMS goniometers, health care, energy materials, etc), Foundations of quantum and statistical mechanics for nanomaterials, idea of tunneling, bound state and scattering, notion of quasiparticles, light matter interaction; DOS, bose-einstein and Fermi-dirac statistics,

Unit 2

Properties of individual nanostructures; bulk nanostructured materials; selection rules and spectroscopic techniques; Introduction to characterization of nanomaterials ,size and dimensionality effects; quantum confinement; properties dependent on density of states; single electron tunneling; current-induced forces, current-induced heating and electromigration in nanowires;

Unit 3

Nanotribology; carbon based nanomaterials; biological materials and biomimetic strategies for nanosynthesis; magnetic nanomaterials; nanodevices and nanomachines, Nano structured bulk material, amorphous Vs crystalline nano material

Objectives and Outcomes

Course Objectives

  • To understand fundamentals of nanotechnology and nanomaterials
  • To understand and relate quantum and statistical mechanics fornano technology
  • To impart knowledge on nano structures, properties and characterization techniques
  • To demonstrate bulk nano material and nano tribology for various applications

Course Outcomes

  • CO1: Understand fundamentals of nanomaterials
  • CO2: Understand quantum and statistical mechanics and its relation to nanotechnology
  • CO3: Understand nano structures and properties
  • CO4: Select the characterization technique specific to nanomaterials
  • CO5: Apply the appropriate processes for bulk nano materials and nano tribology

CO – PO Mapping

CO1 3 2
CO2 3 1 2
CO3 2 1
CO4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
CO5 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2

Textbook / Reference


  • Introductory Nanoscience, by MasuroKuno, Garland Science (2011).
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology, by Poole and Owen, Wiley Indian Edition (2010).
  • Nanophysics and Nanotechnology, by Edward L. Wolf, Wiley-VCH


  • Nanotechnology, By Lynn E. Foster, Pearson (2011).
  • Quantum Mechanics, by J. J. Sakurai.
  • Statistical Mechanics, by Kerson Huang.
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Nanomaterials, by Z. Guo and Li Tan.
  • Nanoelectronics and Information technology, by Rainer Waser, Wiley-VCH (2005

Evaluation Pattern

Assessment Internal External
Periodical 1 15
Periodical 2 15
*Continuous Assessment (CA) 20
End Semester 50
*CA – Can be Quizzes, Assignment, Projects, and Reports.

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