Course Title: 
Hospital Pharmacy - Theory
Year Taught: 
Postgraduate (PG)
School of Pharmacy

'Hospital Pharmacy - Theory' is a course offered in the fourth year of Pharm. D. program at School of Pharmacy, Health Sciences campus, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Course Duration: 3 Hrs./Week


In the changing scenario of pharmacy practice in India, for successful practice of Hospital Phar- macy, the students are required to learn various skills like drug distribution, drug dispensing, manufac- turing of parenteral preparations, drug information, patient counselling, and therapeutic drug moni- toring for improved patient care.


Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to –

  1. Know various drug distribution methods;
  2. Know the professional practice management skills in hospital pharmacies;
  3. Provide unbiased drug information to the doctors;
  4. Know the manufacturing practices of various formulations in hospital set up;
  5. Appreciate the practice based research methods; and
  6. Appreciate the stores management and inventory control.

Text books (Theory)

  1. Hospital pharmacy by William .E. Hassan
  2. A text book of Hospital Pharmacyby S.H.Merchant & Dr. J.S. Qadry. Revised by R.K.Goyal & R.K. Parikh

Reference Books (Theory)

  1. WHO consultative group report.
  2. R.P.S. Vol.2. Part –B; Pharmacy Practice section.
  3. Handbook of pharmacy – health care. Edt. Robin J Harman. The Pharmaceutical press.

Title of the topic

  1. Hospital - its Organisation and functions
  2. Hospital pharmacy - Organisation and management
    • Organizational structure-Staff, Infrastructure & work load statistics
    • Management of materials and finance
    • Roles & responsibilities of hospital pharmacist
  3. The Budget – Preparation and implementation
  4. Hospital drug policy
    • Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee (PTC)
    • Hospital formulary
    • Hospital committees
      • Infection committee
      • Research and ethical committee
  5. Hospital pharmacy services
    • Procurement & warehousing of drugs and Pharmaceuticals
    • Inventory control
      • Definition, various methods of Inventory Control
      • ABC, VED, EOQ, Lead time, safety stock
    • Drug distribution in the hospital
      • Individual prescription method
      • Floor stock method
      • Unit dose drug distribution method
    • Distribution of Narcotic and other controlled substances
    • Central sterile supply services – Role of pharmacist
  6. Manufacture of Pharmaceutical preparations
    • Sterile formulations – large and small volume parenterals
    • Manufacture of Ointments, Liquids, and creams
    • Manufacturing of Tablets, granules, capsules, and powders
    • Total parenteral nutrition
  7. Continuing professional development programs
    Education and training
  8. Radio Pharmaceuticals – Handling and packaging
  9. Professional Relations and practices of hospital pharmacist