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Lasers in Material Processing
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Year Taught: 
Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Lasers in Material Processing' is a course offered in the B. Tech. programs at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Basic optical theory: Nature of electromagnetic radiation, interaction of radiation with matter, reflection, refraction, polarization, laser fundamentals, laser beam characteristics, beam quality (laser cavity modes), Q-switching, mode locking, continuous wave, types of lasers, energy and power.

Laser interaction with materials: Optical properties of materials, laser interaction with metals, insulators, semiconductors, polymers and biological materials.

Laser surface treatment: Introduction to laser surface hardening, laser surface melting, laser surface alloying, laser surface cladding, laser cleaning. Laser ablation: mechanisms (photothermal, photophysical and photochemical), mask projection techniques, laser micro and nano structuring.

Unit 2

Laser cutting and drilling: Mechanism for inert gas and oxygen-assisted cutting, factors controlling cut quality and kerf width. Laser assisted drilling.

Laser welding: Introduction to laser keyhole welding and contrast with conduction limited welding, applications,

Direct laser fabrication (DLF): Laser sintering & laser rapid manufacturing, comparison with rapid prototyping. Main potential and limitations of DLF for direct fabrication and for the production of novel engineering materials and structures.

Unit 3

Laser forming: Mechanisms involved, including thermal temperature gradient, buckling, upsetting. Applications in alignment and straightening and in rapid production processes.

Scope of application of laser materials processing: focused on industrial application of laser in materials processing including laser welded tailored blanks.

Laser safety: Introduction to safety procedures in the use of lasers, including wavelength effects and laser safety standards.

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