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Course Detail

Course Name Life Skills for Engineers 1
Course Code 23LSE201
Program B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (Medical Engineering)
Semester III
Credits 2
Campus Coimabtore


Soft skills and its Importance

Pleasure and pains of transition from an academic environment to work-environment. New-age challenges and distractions. Learning to benefit from constructive criticisms and feedback, Need for change in mindset and up-skilling to keep oneself competent in the professional world.

Managing Self

Knowing oneself, Self-perception, Importance of positive attitude, Building and displaying confidence, Avoiding being overconfident, Managing emotions, stress, fear. Developing Resilience and handling failures. Self-motivation, Self-learning, and continuous knowledge up-gradation / Life-long learning. Personal productivity – Goal setting and its importance in career planning, Self-discipline, Importance of values, ethics and integrity, Universal Human Values.

Problem Solving I Numbers

Types, Power Cycles, Divisibility, Prime, Factors & Multiples, HCF & LCM, Surds, Indices, Square roots, Cube Roots and Simplification.
Percentage: Basics, Profit, Loss & Discount, and Simple & Compound Interest.
Ratio, Proportion & Variation: Basics, Alligations, Mixtures, and Partnership.
Averages: Basics, and Weighted Average.

Data Interpretation

Tables, Bar Diagrams, Venn Diagrams, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Caselets, Mixed Varieties, Network Diagrams and other forms of data representation.

Verbal Vocabulary

Familiarize students with the etymology of words, help them realize the relevance of word analysis and enable them to answer synonym and antonym questions. Create an awareness about the frequently misused words, commonly confused words and wrong form of words in English.

Grammar (Basic)

Help students learn the usage of structural words and facilitate students to identify errors and correct them.


Stress the importance of understanding the relationship between words through analogy questions.

Speaking Skills

Make students conscious of the relevance of effective communication in today’s world through various individual speaking activities.

Course Objective and Outcomes

Course Objective

  • Assist students in inculcating Soft Skills and developing a strong personality
  • Help them improve their presentation skills
  • Support them in developing their problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Facilitate the enhancement of their communication skills

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to
CO1 Soft Skills: To develop greater morale and positive attitude to face, analyse, and manage emotions in real life situations, like placement process.
CO2 Soft Skills: To empower students to create better impact on a target audience through content creation, effective delivery, appropriate body language and overcoming nervousness, in situations like presentations, Group Discussions and interviews.
CO3 Aptitude: To analyze, understand and employ the most suitable methods to solve questions on arithmetic and algebra.
CO4 Aptitude: To investigate and apply suitable techniques to solve questions on logical reasoning and data analysis.
CO5 Verbal: To infer the meaning of words and use them in the right context. To have a better understanding of the basics of English grammar and apply them effectively.
CO6 Verbal: To identify the relationship between words using reasoning skills. To develop the capacity to communicate ideas effectively.

CO-PO Mapping

CO1  –  2 3 3  –  3
CO2  2  3  3
CO3 3 2
CO4 3 2
CO5  –  –  –  –  3  –  3
CO6 3  3  3

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