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Course Detail

Course Name Linear Integrated Circuits
Course Code 15ECE303
Program B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Semester Five
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Amplifier parameters – Multistage amplifiers. Feedback: Introduction to the concept of feedback – positive and negative feedback – Properties of feedback – Feedback topologies – Non-ideal effects.

Unit 2

Differential Amplifier: The MOS differential pair – Common-mode and Differential signals. Small-signal operation – Differential gain and CMRR. Operational amplifiers: Ideal opamp – parameters and characteristics – Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers.

Unit 3

Op-amp circuits: Difference Amplifiers – Instrumentation amplifiers – Adder – Subtractor – Integrator – Differentiator – Comparators – Schmitt trigger – Peak detector – Sample and hold circuits – Precision rectifiers – Dual-slope ADC – DVM – R-2R type DAC – Multivibrators – Monostable – Astable and Bistable – Oscillators: RC phase shift and Wein-bridge oscillators – 555 Timer.

Text Books

  1. Sedra A and Smith K C, “Microelectronic circuits”, Oxford University Press, Sixth Edition, 2010.


  1. Neamen D A, “Electronic circuit analysis and design”, McGraw-Hill, 2001.
  2. Franco S., “Design with operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits”, New York, McGraw-Hill, Third Edition, 2002
  3. Ramakant A. Gayakwad, “Op-amps and linear integrated circuit technology” Prentice Hall, Fourth Edition, 2000
  4. Application Notes and Data Sheets of ICs from various manufacturers

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