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Course Detail

Course Name Manufacturing Process I
Course Code 19MEE202
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Semester Three
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Casting and Moulding: Metal casting processes and equipment, shrinkage, principles of gating and riser design, Casting processes -sand, die, gravity, centrifugal, shell mould and Investment casting. Fettling and cleaning of casting. casting defects.

Unit 2

Introduction to bulk and sheet metal forming: Plastic deformation and yield criteria; fundamentals of hot and cold working processes, bulk forming processes – forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing and sheet forming processes – shearing, deep drawing, bending.

Unit 3

Metal Joining Processes: Principles of welding, brazing and soldering; Solid and liquid state joining processes – arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding, soldering, brazing and adhesive bonding. weld defects and inspection.

Lab Sessions

Metal Casting
Design pattern/core for a given component drawing and develop a sand mould with optimum gating and riser system for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.Melting and casting, inspection for macroscopic casting defects.

TIG and MIG welding processes – design weld joints – welding practice –weld quality inspection.

Metal Forming
Press working operation – hydraulic and mechanical press -load calculation: blanking, bending and drawing operations – sheet metal layout design.

Group Project
Group project will be given in any one of the topics (Metal Casting / Welding / Metal forming). The student group has to design and develop product / process based on the problem statement.

Objectives and Outcomes

Course Objectives

  • To elucidate the fundamentals of metal casting, metal forming and joining process.
  • Prepare mould with proper gating and riser system.
  • Understand the working of TIG / MIG welding process and prepare weld joints, perform welding operation.
  • Understand the press working processes such as blanking, bending and forming operation and compute load calculation

Course Outcomes

  • CO1: Design and develop pattern and sand mould with gating and riser system for a given component with simple geometries / features
  • CO2: Prepare sheet metal layout and compute load calculations for metal forming process.
  • CO3: Select and perform a suitable welding process with optimum parameters.
  • CO4: Identify various defects in casting, welding and forming
  • CO5: Follow safety rules and good practices in casting, welding and metals forming operations

CO – PO Mapping

CO1 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 3
CO2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2
CO3 2 1 1 1 1 2
CO4 2 1 1
CO5 1 1 1 1

Textbook / References


  • SeropeKalpakjian and Steven R. Schmid – ‘Manufacturing Engineering and Technology’ – Prentice Hall – 2013 – 7th Edition


  • Roy A. Lindberg – ‘Processes and Materials for Manufacture’ – Prentice Hall of India Private limited – 2000
  • Amitabh A. Ghosh and Asok Kumar Mallik – ‘Manufacturing Science’ – Affiliated East-West, Press Private Limited – 2010

Evaluation Pattern

Assessment Internal External
Periodical 1 10
Periodical 2 10
*Continuous Assessment (Theory) (CAT) 10
*Continuous Assessment (Lab) (CAL) 40
End Semester 30
*CA – Can be Quizzes, Assignment, Projects, and Reports.

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