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Course Detail

Course Name Mechanics of Fluids
Course Code 15 AES 201
Program B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering
Semester Three
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Concept of a Fluid: Continuum, Primary Properties, Compressibility of Fluids, Bulk Modulus, Isothermal & Isentropic Processes, Speed of Sound – Secondary Properties: Viscosity, Newton’s Law of Viscosity, Sutherland Equation, Andrade Equation, Surface Tension, Capillarity, Vapor Pressure, Boiling, Cavitation – Hydrostatics: Pascal’s Law, Hydrostatic Force on Planar and Non-planar Surfaces, Area Moment of Inertia, Archimedes’ Principle, Buoyancy, Stability of Floating Bodies.

Unit 2

Fluid Dynamics: Lagrangian & Eulerian Concepts, Reynolds Transport Theorem, Extensive Property, Intensive Property, Continuity Equation (Differential & Integral Forms) – Conservation of Momentum and Energy: Euler Equation of Motion, Stream Function, Velocity Potential, Bernoulli Equation (Inviscid Steady Flow & Potential Steady Flow) – Laminar Flow: Hagen-Poiseuille Flow, Couette Flow, Plane Poiseuille Flow.

Unit 3

Boundary Layer Development: Boundary Layer Thickness, Displacement Thickness, Momentum Thickness – Momentum Equations: von Karman Momentum Integral Equations (zero pressure gradient), Skin-friction Drag on a Surface – Boundary Layer Equations: Prandtl Boundary Layer Equation and Blasius Solution – Dimensional Analysis: Buckingham Pi-theorem, Method of Repeating Variables – Similitude and Modeling: Modeling Laws, Geometric Similarity, Dynamic Similarity, Kinematic Similarity, Applications.

Text Books

  1. Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi, “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics,” 4th edition, John Wiley, 2002.


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