Course Title: 
Medicinal Biochemistry - Practical
Year Taught: 
Postgraduate (PG)
School of Pharmacy

'Medicinal Biochemistry - Practical' is a course offered in the year semester of Pharm. D. program at School of Pharmacy, Health Sciences campus, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Course Duration: 3 Hrs./Week

List of Experiments:

  1. Qualitative analysis of normal constituents of urine.*
  2. Qualitative analysis of abnormal constituents of urine.*
  3. Quantitative estimation of urine sugar by Benedict’s reagent method.**
  4. Quantitative estimation of urine chlorides by Volhard’s method.**
  5. Quantitative estimation of urine creatinine by Jaffe’s method.**
  6. Quantitative estimation of urine calcium by precipitation method.**
  7. Quantitative estimation of serum cholesterol by Libermann Burchard’s method.**
  8. Preparation of Folin Wu filtrate from blood.*
  9. Quantitative estimation of blood creatinine.**
  10. Quantitative estimation of blood sugar Folin-Wu tube method.**
  11. Sestimation of SGOT in serum.**
  12. Estimation of SGPT in serum.**
  13. Estimation of Urea in Serum.**
  14. Estimation of Proteins in Serum.**
  15. Determination of serum bilirubin**
  16. Determination of Glucose by means of Glucoseoxidase.**
  17. Enzymatic hydrolysis of Glycogen/Starch by Amylases.**
  18. Study of factors affecting Enzyme activity. (pH & Temp.)**
  19. Preparation of standard buffer solutions and its pH measurements (any two)*
  20. Experiment on lipid profile tests**
  21. Determination of sodium,calcium and potassium in serum.**

** indicate major experiments & * indicate minor experiments


Format of the assignment

  1. Minimum & Maximum number of pages.
  2. It shall be computer draft copy.
  3. Reference(s) shall be included at the end.
  4. Name and signature of the student.
  5. Assignment can be a combined presentation at the end of the academic year.
  6. Time allocated for presentation may be 8+2 Min.

Scheme of Practical Examination:

  Sessionals Annual
Synopsis 05 15
Major Experiment 10 25
Minor Experiment 03 15
Viva 02 15
Max Marks 20 70
Duration 03 hrs 04 hrs

Note : Total sessional marks is 30 (20 for practical sessional plus 10 marks for regularity, promptness, viva-voce and record maintenance).