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Course Detail

Course Name Metrology and Measurements
Course Code 15MEC314
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Semester Six
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Concept of Metrology: Definition and concept of Metrology – need of Inspection – Generalized measurement system – Units and standards – measuring instruments; sensitivity, stability, range, accuracy and precision, static and dynamic response, repeatability – systematic and random errors – correction; calibration.

Linear Measurements: Vernier-caliper, Vernier depth gauge, Micrometer, Depth micrometer, Digital micrometer. Slip gauges: wringing of slip gauges and classification – Tool maker’s microscope. Dial indicators – classification and working mechanism. Limit gauges; Comparators: Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical types, applications – Height Gauge, Bore Gauge and Feeler Gauge.

Angular Measurements: Uses of the Vernier Bevel protractor, Universal Bevel protractor and Optical Bevel protractor. Sine bars – Uses and limitations of sine bar – Taper measurements. Sources of errors in sine bars, Sine Centre and Sine tables – Auto collimator and its applications.

Unit 2

Surface Texture and Screw Thread Measurement: Elements of surface texture – Evaluation of surface finish – Peak to valley height – Talysurf, Tomlinson surface meter – Screw thread terminology – Measurement of various elements of thread; Measurement of thread angle by two wire and Three wire methods; Thread gauges and floating carriage micrometer.

Form Measurements: Measurement of Straightness, Flatness, Parallelism, squareness testing, Roundness testing – Radius Gauge, Wire Gauge, etc.

Signal Representation – Signal conditioners, filters, ADC, DAC

Unit 3

W heatstone bridge, use of bridge circuits – Displacement measurement – Potentiometer – LVDT, Piezo electric type – Velocity measurement.

Nature of Vibration, accelerometers.

Strain measurement types, mechanical strain gauge, Electrical strain gauge, selection of strain gauge.

Temperature measurement: Bimetallic thermometer, Platinum resistance thermometers, Thermocouples and Pyrometers – Pressure fundamentals; Elastic transducers, thermal conductivity gauges, Vacuum pressure measurement, Flow measurement – Ultrasonic flow meter – turbine type meters – Hot wire anemometers.

Text Books

  1. J. F. W. Gayler, and C. R. Shotbolt – ‘Metrology for Engineers’ ELBS -1990
  2. JONES’ – ‘Instrument Technology’ Volume – 1, Mechanical Measurement’ – Edited by B. E. Noltingk – ELBS – 4th Edition


  • I. C. Gupta – ‘Text Book of Engineering Metrology’ – Dhanpat Rai, Publishing Company – 2011 – 7th Edition
  • Alan S. Morris – ‘The Principles of Measurements and Instrumentation’ – Prentice-Hall of India – 2001
  • R. K. Jain – ‘Engineering Metrology’ Khanna Publishers, Delhi – 2009 – 5th Edition
  • Gupta S. C. – ‘Engineering Metrology’ – Dhanpatrai Publications – 2010
  • Dr. D. S. Kumar – ‘Mechanical Measurements & Control’ – Metropolitan Book Co. Private Ltd. – ISBN 81-200 0214-8
  • Bechwith-Marangoni-Lienhard – ‘Mechanical Measurements’ – Pearson Education Asia – 2011 – 6th Edition Reprint.

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