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Course Detail

Course Name Non-Destructive Testing
Course Code 19MEE443
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Introduction: Non-Destructive testing – Relative Merits and Limitations – NDT vs Mechanical testing. Dry technique and Wet technique – Principle – Applications – Advantages and Limitations.Dyes – Developers – Cleaners. Fluorescent penetrant test.Liquid penetrant inspection.
Radiography: X-rays and Gamma rays, Properties of X-rays relevant to NDT – Absorption of rays – scattering. Types and use of Filters – screens – Geometric factors, Film type and Processing. Characteristics of films graininess, Density, Speed, Contrast. Characteristic curves. Characteristics of Gamma rays – fluoroscopy – X-ray – Radiography.Safety with X-rays and Gamma rays.

Unit 2

Ultrasonic Testing: Types of Ultrasonic Waves – Principles of wave propagation – Characteristics of ultrasonic waves – Attenuation. Production of ultrasonic waves – Couplants. Inspection methods – pulse echo, Transmission and Resonance techniques. Thickness measurement.Types of scanning. Test block – Reference blocks.

Unit 3

Techniques for Specific Purposes: Magnetic particle inspection – Principles – Applications – Magnetization methods – Magnetic particles, demagnetization. Eddy current testing – Thermal inspection Principle, Application – Instrumentation of Thermal Inspection. Holography.Acoustic Emission.Pressure and Leak Testing.Chemical Spot Testing. Spark Testing.

Objectives and Outcomes

Course Objectives

  • To impart knowledge on various NDT methods
  • To describe appropriate techniques to detect the defects in components
  • To impart knowledge on quantification and calibration of equipment

Course Outcomes

  • CO1: Apply the various NDT techniques to identify the defects
  • CO2: Select the suitable NDT techniques for various defects
  • CO3: Identifying the nature and quantifying the defects
  • CO4: Understand the instruments and interpretation on techniques

CO – PO Mapping

CO1 2 1 1
CO2 2 1 1 1
CO3 2 1 1 1 1
CO4 1 1 1

Textbook / References


  • Cartz L. – ‘Non-Destructive testing’ – ASM International, Metals Park Ohio, US – 1995
  • Raj B., Jayakumar T., and Thavasimuthu M. – ‘Practical Non-Destructive Testing’ – Narosa, New Delhi – 1997


  • ASM Metals Hand Book, ‘Non-Destructive Evaluation and Quality Control’ – American Society of Metals, Metals Park Ohio, USA – 1989

Evaluation Pattern

Assessment Internal External
Periodical 1 (P1) 15
Periodical 2 (P2) 15
*Continuous Assessment (CA) 20
End Semester 50
*CA – Can be Quizzes, Assignment, Projects, and Reports.

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