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Course Detail

Course Name Optoelectronic Devices
Course Code 22PHY545
Credits 3


Unit 1

Review of Basic Concepts
Electromagnetic waves, Maxwell’s and Fresnel equations, Introductory quantum mechanics, Semiconductors, Einstein relations

Unit 2

Electron–Photon Processes
Review of Semiconductors and Energy bands, p-n junction diodes, Carrier radiative recombination and light-emitting devices, Stimulated processes, Lasing mechanism and modes, Semiconductor laser, Holography

Unit 3

Photon–Electron Processes
p-n junction photodiode, Photodiode materials, Quantum efficiency and responsivity, p-i-n photodiode, Avalanche photodiode, Heterojunction photodiode, Phototransistors, Photoconductive detectors: Gain, Noise in photodetectors, Photo-voltaic devices.

Unit 4

Photon-Photon Processes
Waveguides, Planar slab waveguide, Eigenvalues for the slab waveguide, Optical mode confinement, Dispersion in waveguides, Coupling of modes between waveguides, Coupling between optical sources and waveguides, Grating couplers, Coupling coefficient, Propagation optical fibers, Dispersion, Solitons in nonlinear fibers.

Unit 5

Advanced Optoelectronics
Photonic and optoelectronic integrated circuits, Organic, Molecular and Terahertz optoelectronics, Display technology, Optoelectronic nanomaterials.


Pre-requisite: Basic Electrodynamics

Course Objectives:
The objective of the course is to give students an introduction to optoelectronic fundamentals and devices. This course serves as a perquisite course to prepare students to do research in the semiconductor optics and optoelectronics devices

Text Books & Reference

Text Books

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  2. Govind P. Agrawal, Niloy K. Dutta. “Semiconductor Lasers”, Second Edition, Springer-Verlag, 1993.


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