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Course Detail

Course Name Physics Lab IV – Electronics
Course Code 22PHY381
Semester 4
Credits 4


  1. Diode rectifier –full wave bridge rectifier
  2. Diode Characteristics: Si, Ge, Zener diodes and voltage regulation using Zener diode (Line and load regulation).
  3. Construction of Dual supply with 12 V – IC regulator
  4. Design and performance study of Op-Amp based active filters (Low pass, high pass, band pass, band rejection) and frequency response amplifiers
  5. Basic Opp –amp circuits- Inverting and non-inverting amplifier, Summing and difference amplifier
  6. Multivibrators: Astable, Monostable and Bistable- Using 555 -Timers
  7. Combination of gate universal- NAND and NOR as universal building blocks and verification of De Morgan’s theorem
  8. Flip flops: D, RS, JK and Master slave
  9. Half adder, Full adder and Subtractor
  10. Counters and Registers- 4 bits.
  11. Encoders and Decoders 4 bits
  12. Response and characteristic of RC, LC and RLC and resonance circuits

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