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Polymer Materials - Structure Property Relations
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Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Polymer Materials - Structure Property Relations' is an elective course offered in the B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

Unit 1

Structure of polymers – thermoplastic – thermoset, rubber - Linear, branched, crosslinked, and network polymers - Homochain and hetero atomic chain polymers - Copolymers - Linear and cyclic arrangement - Prediction of polymer properties, group contribution techniques, topological techniques - Volumetric properties - molar volume, density, Van der Waals volume - Coefficient of linear thermal expansion and volumetric thermal expansion - Pressure volume temperature (PVT) relationship.

Mechanical properties - Stress-strain properties of polymers - Effect of polymer structure on modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, yield strength, fracture toughness - Crazing in glassy polymers - Ductile brittle transition. Effect of additives on mechanical properties of polymers - Creep, stress relaxation, and fatigue.

Unit 2

Thermodynamic and transition properties - Transition temperature in polymers, glass transition (Tg), melt transition (Tm), relationship between Tg and Tm - other transitions like ß-transitions, upper and lower glass transition temperatures - Prediction of Tg and Tm of polymers by group contributions.Calorimetric properties - Heat capacity, specific heat, latent heat of crystallization and fusion, enthalpy and entropy - Calculation of heat capacities of polymers.

Electrical and optical properties - Effect of polymer structure on dielectric constant, power factor, dissipation factor, and loss factor - effect of frequency of voltage and temperature on dielectric properties - Prediction of molar polarization and effective dipole moment. Effect of additives on electrical properties of polymers.

Unit 3

Optical properties - Effect of polymer structure on optical properties - clarity, transparency, haze, transmittance, reflectance, and gloss - Prediction of refractive indices of polymers by group contributions.

Chemical Properties - Cohesive energy, cohesive energy density, solubility parameter, determination of solubility parameter of polymers - Prediction of solubility parameter - Effect of polymer structure on solubility in solvents and oils - Influence of structure in prediction of flame retardancy, water repellency - Chemical resistance of polymers - Polymer toxicity.

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