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Surface Engineering, Coating and Joining Technologies
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Year Taught: 
Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Surface Engineering, Coating and Joining Technologies' is a course offered in the B. Tech. in Aerospace Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Unit 1

Introduction: Engineering components, surface dependent properties and failures, importance and scope of surface engineering. Surface and surface energy: Structure and types of interfaces, surface energy and related equations. Surface modification of steel and ferrous components, Surface modification using gaseous medium: Nitriding carbonitriding (diffusion from gaseous state) (principle and scope of application).

Unit 2

Surface engineering by energy beams: General classification, scope and principles, types and intensity / energy deposition profile. Surface engineering by energy beams: Laser assisted microstructure modification – surface melting, hardening, shocking and similar processes. Surface engineering by spray techniques: Plasma coating (principle and scope of application). Characterization of surface microstructure and properties.

Unit 3

Fundamentals of Adhesive Bonding, Stress Distribution in Adhesive Bonding, Adhesive Bonding geometry and fracture analysis, Adhesive bonding of similar and dissimilar materials, Fundamentals of welding, Stress Distribution in welding.

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