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Course Detail

Course Name Theory of Fluid Dynamics
Program M.Phil. in Mathematics (Offered at Kochi Campus)
Year Taught 2019
Degree Postgraduate (PG)
School School of Arts and Sciences
Campus Kochi


Unit 1: Basic Concepts and Properties

Fluid – definition, distinction between solid and fluid – Units and dimensions – Properties of fluids – density, specific weight, specific volume, specific gravity, temperature, viscosity, compressibility, vapour pressure, capillary and surface tension – Fluid statics: concept of fluid static pressure, absolute and gauge pressures – pressure measurements by manometers and pressure gauges.

Unit 2: Fluid Kinematics

Fluid Kinematics – Flow visualization – lines of flow – types of flow – velocity field and acceleration – continuity equation (one and three dimensional differential forms)- Equation of streamline – stream function – velocity potential function – circulation – flow net.

Unit 3: Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics – equations of motion – Euler’s equation along a streamline – Bernoulli’s equation – applications – Venturi meter, Orifice meter, Pitot tube – dimensional analysis – Buckingham’s theorem – applications – similarity laws and models.

Unit 4: Incompressible Fluid Flow

Viscous flow – Navier – Stoke’s equation (Statement only) – Shear stress, pressure gradient relationship – laminar flow between parallel plates – Laminar flow through circular tubes (Hagen poiseulle’s).

Unit 5: Flow Through Pipes

Hydraulic and energy gradient – flow through pipes – Darcy-weisback’s equation – pipe roughness – friction factor – Moody’s diagram – minor losses – flow through pipes in series and in parallel – power transmission – Boundary layer flows, boundary layer thickness, boundary layer separation – drag and lift coefficients.


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