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Utilisation of Electric Energy
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Year Taught: 
Undergraduate (UG)
School of Engineering

'Utilisation of Electric Energy' is a course offered in B. Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Unit 1

Electric Lighting - Definition of terms; laws of illumination; Luminaries; Lighting requirements; Illumination levels; lamp selection and maintenance; Lighting schemes, calculations & design – Interior lighting – industrial, Factory, residential lighting; Exterior lighting - Flood, street lighting, lighting for displays and signaling - neon signs, LED-LCD displays beacons and lighting for surveillance; Energy Conservation codes for lighting; lighting controls – daylight sensors and occupancy sensors; controller design.

Unit 2

Electric Drives - Selection of motors in various applications; Electric drive systems in various industries; speed control of motors, variable speed drives, Specifications of commonly used motors. Energy efficient drives.

Space conditioning systems - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems: Principle of air conditioning, vapour pressure, refrigeration cycle, ecofriendly refrigerants; Electrical Circuits used in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Water Coolers;

Electrochemical Processes - Electrolysis. Electroplating. Electrodeposition. Extraction of metals.

Unit 3

Electric Heating – Comparison with other heating methods; Resistance heating, Induction heating, Arc furnace, Dielectric heating; Electric welding – types, equipment and modern techniques.

Electric Traction - Traction systems; Speed-time curves and mechanics of train movement; Traction motors; Control of motors; Electric braking methods; Regeneration. Electric Vehicles – Types of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles; motors and batteries for EV; Drive systems for electric traction.

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