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Conferences Attended

A National Summit was organized by AYUDH (AYUDH = Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara (AMRITAPURI CHAPTER)) in the Amritapuri Campus during 24-27th December 2017 to motivate youth from different parts of India to imbibe Indian Culture and values among Youth. Dr. Naveen V. Kulkarni and Dr. (Mrs.) Mangalam Ramanathan of Department of Chemistry participated in the AYUDH Leaders Training Summit – ALTS’17 held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri from 24th December to 27th December. They were the team leaders for the team ‘Yamuna’.

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On 20th January 2018, Dr. Chandra Bala (Head of Alternative Medicines, Vivekananda Polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow & Chairperson of Prasanna Trust, Lucknow, India) had a Interactive session on “Healthy Mind” with our students (MSc. and Int. MSc.), Faculty and Staff of Department of Chemistry.

On 5th January 2019, Department of Chemistry, Amritapuri Campus organized the Chemistry Alumni Meet. Total 29 alumni of our department from various programs of different batches were participated and their feedback is vital for the development of our department in particular.

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  • CONFLUENCE : The Association of Chemistry students. The association conducts invited lectures by experts from other Universities, Research Institutes, and industries from India and abroad.
  • SCIENCE CLUB: The club conducts invited talks every year on science day, active participation in Tech fests like VIDYUT.
  • ECO CLUB: The club conducts photo exhibitions, contexts, quiz programs, etc.
  • AMRITA CHEMISTRY ALUMNI (ACA): The Association of the Alumni
  • RESEARCH FORUM: Under the auspicious of research forum at the Chemistry department, mini projects are assigned to post graduate students starting from the first semester, each group is assigned under each faculty and the general areas of project works included, polymer composites, organic synthesis and characterization, nano technology, analytical sensor development, co-ordination chemistry, catalysis, metal organic frame works, waste management and ecorestoration of contaminated landfills.

Distinguished Lectures / Invited Talks


  1. Dr. Andreas Toupadakis, Department of Chemistry, One Shields Ave, University of California delivered a lecture on “Success without Stress” with our Students (MSc. and Int. MSc.), Faculty and Staff of Department of Chemistry, organized by School of Chemistry, on 12th September 2018.Related articles by Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.
    1. Student Mental Health Crisis – How Campuses Have Become Mental War Zones for Our Youth
    2. Creating Your Future – Arise Great Warrior, Arise!
    3. Awaken Students! Education is for Self-Awareness and Inner Growth

    About the Author
    Born on the beautiful island of Crete in Rethymno, Greece, Andreas Toupadakis received his primary education while living in the mountainous village of Argiroupoli near the coast. After receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from the Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki, he began graduate school in the U.S. He has lived in the U.S. since 1978, and he received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan in 1990. Since 2005, Dr. Toupadakis has been teaching at UCDavis as a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry. The courses he teaches include the General Chemistry 2ABC series for first-year students majoring in science and engineering, the 4 Organic Chemistry 118ABC series and the Organic Chemistry 8AB series for second-year students, and the Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences 107AB series for third- and fourth-year students. His scientific interests are in better teaching methods and chemistry book writing and reviewing. His lectures are tuned toward conceptual learning via the Socratic dialogue method. He is the author of three chemistry study guides, CHEMISTRY READER 2A, CHEMISTRY READER 2B, and CHEMISTRY READER 2C and their corresponding solutions manuals, which have been received with great enthusiasm by students taking the CHEMISTRY 2ABC series, his teaching assistants, and colleagues.

  2. A series of lectures for post graduate students was organized and conducted by the Department of Chemistry on September 17-19, 2018. The lectures were organized to give our students an opportunity to hear from and interact with experts in different areas of chemistry. The resource persons were Dr. Salahuddin Kunju and Dr. Krishnan who were former faculty members in the University College, Trivandrum. The inauguration of the lecture series was done by Dr. Mangalam Ramanathan, Chairperson, Department of Chemistry. The principal of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences Dr. Nandakumaran, offered felicitations to the lecture series. Dr. M Padmanabhan, Senior faculty member of the department also spoke on the necessity of organizing such lectures frequently for the students. The lectures were organized into four sessions. Various topics in group theory like elements of symmetry, determination of point groups of molecules, character table, applications of group theory to electronic spectra etc were discussed in an elaborate manner. The topics covered in coordination chemistry include crystal field theory, ligand field theory, spectral and magnetic properties of complexes. The lectures were quite enlightening for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. The most interesting part of the programme was the brainstorming discussion between the resource persons and the students. The students interacted in an explicit manner and cleared their doubts on the contemporary research areas of the topics. Thus the lecture series turned out to be a successful one and we were able to bridge the gap between academics and research in the aforementioned topics

  4. Dr. Olga Iranzo, Institute of Molecular Sciences of Marseille, Chargé de mission INC CNRS. Aix – Marseille Université France delivered an invited talk on “Designed Peptide Platforms: from Concepts to Biotechnological Applications” organized by School of Chemistry, on 16th January 2017.
    Designed Peptidic Platforms: from Concepts to Biotechnological Applications

    Abstract: The design of novel peptides/proteins with tailor-made properties and functionalities is a growing research discipline in the fields of chemistry, bioengineering and biomedicine. This is a multidisciplinary endeavor that requires the expertise of scientists from different areas. Chemists and bioengineers can play a critical role in this effort developing innovative computational and chemical strategies to produce robust scaffolds where one can have a precise control over the location of crucial elements, such as functional groups for target recognition or metal ion binding. These structures can therefore render new, cheaper and more stable alternatives for therapeutic, chemical, and biotechnological applications.

  6. Dr. Marius Reglier, Prof. of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences Aix – Marseille Université France delivered an invited talk on “Bioinorganic Chemistry approach in the development of tyrosinase inhibitors” organized by School of Chemistry, on January 18, 2017.
    Bioinorganic chemistry approach in the development of tyrosinase inhibitors.
    Abstract: Tyrosinases are ubiquitous Cu-containing enzymes belonging to the type-3 or “coupled binuclear” family (Fig. 1). Ty’s catalyze the two-step oxidation of phenolic compounds into the corresponding catechols (monophenolase activity) and ortho-quinones (catecholase activity). In mammals, their biological function is to convert L-tyrosine into dopaquinone, which is the key product for melanin pigment biosynthesis. Melanin-related disorders are known to cause serious skin lesions, Parkinson’s disease and melanoma. In addition, Ty’s are responsible for the browning of plant foods, which creates an important economic problem in the field of nutrition. Ty inhibition is a well-established approach for controlling in vivo melanin production and food browning, so the development of Ty inhibitors has a huge economical and industrial impact. To control the Ty activity, the best strategy is to target the Ty binuclear copper active site by transition state analogues, which have structural analogies to catechol but are not oxidizable.

  8. Prof. W. S. Sampath delivered an invited talk on “CdTe Photovoltaics for Sustainable Electricity Generation” organized by School of Chemistry, on 22nd August 2016.

  10. Dr. Murali Rangarajan, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore delivered an invited talk on “Graphene-based Electrochemical Sensors” organized by School of Chemistry, on September18, 2015.

  12. Dr. S. Kapilan, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Annamalai University, Chidambaram delivered an invited talk on “Cheminformatics and Drug designing” organized by School of Chemistry, on November 4, 2015.

  14. Dr. Petrus Notten, Full Professor in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, & Chemistry and Electrical Engineering, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands delivered a lecture on “Rechargeable Batteries Enabling Electric Mobility” organized by School of Chemistry, on February 7, 2015.
    Rechargeable batteries enabling electric mobility
    Abstract: There is nowadays general consensus that due to global warming electricity generation will, in the future, take place in a decentralized rather than centralized way in large power plants. Obviously, solar, wind and bio-mass will contribute significantly to decentralized electricity generation in the near future. Due to the unpredictable nature of these fluctuating energy sources it has been identified that local electricity storage will play a dominant role. Rechargeable batteries will indispensably take up this role. Interestingly new battery materials have recently been discovered, making a new generation of rechargeable batteries very attractive with respect to energy density, power density and materials availability. However, the cost aspect still plays a dominant role and currently forms a limiting factor for wide-spread domestic storage.

  16. Dr. Smitha Chandran S. delivered lecture on “VALUE @Virtual Labs” at the St. Xaviers College for Women , Aluva as part of Walk with a Scholar Programme on 7th July, 2017 organized by the Department of Physics

  18. Dr. Smitha Chandran S. delivered lecture on “Global Environmental Crisis” at the NSS Hindu College Changanecherry as part of their Environment Awareness Day Campaign on 15th June, 2017 organized by the Post-graduate department of Mathematics.

  20. Dr. M. Padmanabhan chaired the Valedictory Session in “Fifth National Conference on Advanced Functional Materials and Applications” held at Kalasalingam University, March 30-31, 2017.

  22. Dr. M. Padmanabhan delivered Lecture on “ A very facile Green Route to Novel Functional Materials” in “5th National Conference on Advanced Functional Materials and Applications” held at Kalasalingam University, March 30-31, 2017.

  24. Dr. M. Padmanabhan delivered an Inaugural Lecture in “Two-Day Workshop on Research Methodology, Writing Practice and Soft Skills” organized by S N College, Kollam (sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science and Technology) on March 27, 2017

  26. Dr. Gopal. K delivered an invited talk in RSC symposium on ‘ Inorganic Chemical Biology ’ organized by School of Chemistry , Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai , Tamil Nadu during March 17-18, 2017

  28. Dr. Smitha Chandran.S delivered lecture on “Wetland conservation and Management” as part of Student Wetland Congress-2017 organized by the Asoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) at the Community Environmental Resource Centre, Alappuzha on 21st February, 2017.

  30. Dr. M. Padmanabhan delivered. Talk on the topic “Inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials with unique functional properties at the” Fourth International Conference on Nano-structured materials on February 10-12, 2017 at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

  32. Dr. M. Padmanabhan delivered distinguished Lecture on the topic “Metal-Cluster MOF materials from metallogels and their versatile functional properties” as Endowment Lecture in the National Seminar on Current Trends in Chemistry held at CUSAT, Kochi on February 4, 2017.



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