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About the Department

The Department of Chemistry, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, started functioning at Amritapuri campus in 2002. The department enjoys the status and privilege of a well flourishing inevitable academic entity of this campus, which offers about 40 courses on advanced and applied areas of chemistry and courses on Environmental Sciences handled by 17 expert members of faculty. The department also possesses a classical chemistry lab which has been structured with a vision of transforming it into an excellent centre for research in the frontier areas of applied chemistry and allied branches. The research lab is well equipped with various sophisticated equipment which help in carrying out research in the various frontier as well as emerging areas in chemistry.

The department possess the right blend of high academic quality and professional relevance along with strong relationship with reputed institutions in India and abroad. Department satisfies the innovation in its programme design, curriculum and pedagogy thereby fulfilling the high-quality standards required for the placement in the reputed national labs, IITs, other major universities.

Placement of final year students are observed as the most prioritised one which is obtained through the internship and project activities that they have during the final semesters of the programme. This system is practiced by following the ‘project cum placement approach’ wherein high percentage of students after the project gets absorbed by the reputed national labs, IITs, other major universities for their further research.


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The department offers a wide variety of courses on advanced, applied and allied areas of chemistry. The department offers post graduate program (MSc chemistry) as well as an integrated MSc programme (5 Years). Presently the department offers around 14 theory courses and 4 lab courses for PG students and 2 theory courses for UG students in Chemistry.

Another series of courses offered by Department of Chemistry for Engineering stream currently come under the category of science electives, which includes Catalytic Chemistry (CH320), Chemistry of Engineering Materials (CH321), Corrosion Science (CH322), Instrumental methods of analysis (CH323), Organic Synthesis and Stereochemistry (CH324), Advanced Polymer Chemistry (CH327) and many more.

The Department of chemistry additionally offers a course on Environmental Science and Sustainability for B. Tech students and Science students. In addition to these theory courses the department also offers two lab courses. The lab course offered to 1st year B. Tech students include a group of industrially important experiments and the lab course to students of Integrated MSc course include classical chemistry experiments like, basic qualitative analysis, volumetric, gravimetry etc.

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  • CONFLUENCE : The Association of Chemistry students. The association conducts invited lectures by experts from other Universities, Research Institutes, and industries from India and abroad.
  • SCIENCE CLUB: The club conducts invited talks every year on science day, active participation in Tech fests like VIDYUT.
  • ECO CLUB: The club conducts photo exhibitions, contexts, quiz programs, etc.
  • AMRITA CHEMISTRY ALUMNI (ACA): The Association of the Alumni
  • RESEARCH FORUM:Under the auspices of the Research Forum at the Chemistry Department, mini projects are assigned to postgraduate students starting from the first semester. Each group is assigned to a faculty member, and the general areas of project work include polymer composites, organic synthesis and characterization, nanotechnology, analytical sensor development, coordination chemistry, catalysis, metal-organic frameworks, waste management, and Eco restoration of contaminated landfills.
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