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The Department of Chemistry Amritapuri Campus is Offering a short-term post graduate program on Geoinformatics for Natural Resource Monitoring and Management


The Department of Chemistry Amritapuri Campus is Offering a short-term post graduate program on Geoinformatics for Natural Resource Monitoring and Management




Graduates / Post Graduates and researchers/scholars in, Geography, Geology, Agriculture, Forestry, Architecture, Town and Country Planning, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Community Medicine, Management, Ecology, Environmental Science and Management, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, can apply. Working professionals and senior and middle-level officials from corporate bodies, government departments, agencies, NGOs, local self-governments, and researchers and academicians from universities, colleges, and research/academic institutions can participate in the training as sponsored candidates.

DURATION & periodicity

The duration of the course is 6 months comprising of theory, practicals, and project work. There will be two batches in a year.


Candidates will be admitted to the course on a first come- first serve basis. Followed by an interview. Seats can be reserved by remitting the prior registration fee at the time of applying.

Program Overview

Need & Objective of the Program

Deliberate exploitation of natural resources and excessive use of environmentally abhorrent materials have resulted in environmental disruptions threatening the life support systems. The human-centric approach to development has already damaged nature to a large extent. This has attracted the attention of environmental specialists and policymakers. It has also led to discussions at various national and international conventions. The objective of protecting natural resources cannot be achieved without the involvement of professionals from multidisciplinary areas such as Geomatics. Geomatics is a comprehensive term applied to the Geoinformation science and technology-the powerful combination of various spatial and data processing technologies namely, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Mapping and Surveying, Global Positioning System (GPS), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Geographical Information System (GIS). It has a wide range of applications in various fields including, natural resource management, utility management, urban and regional planning, and activities of local self-government.

Potential for the out-going students

The proposed course aims to give advanced research and corporate training, consultancy, and complete location-based solutions to the academic community, Government departments/local self-government, and students. The course is designed to provide sufficient knowledge and advanced training in the field of RS, GIS, and GPS. The theoretical and practical modules consist of fundamental concepts of remote sensing, digital image processing, GPS, GIS, database design, computer and ICT, information analysis, and modeling. The courses highlight various application fields like natural resource management, utility management, urban and regional planning, Land or urban information systems and municipal GIS, customization, and application software development. This is a hands-on course with more stress and emphasis on practical training on the computer with the required software packages and other types of equipment. The curriculum is designed to ensure depth in the area of specialization together with the breadth of exposure and intellectual enrichment and to prepare the students for high-level professional research and development careers in national laboratories, universities, ministries, colleges, research organizations, MNCs, administration, NGOs, and industry both in Environmental Science and RS & GIS.

Evaluation and certification

The participants will be evaluated through internal assessment, final examination for theory, and viva- voce for the project work. Participants will be graded based on the marks gained and the successful candidates will be issued proficiency certificates.

Geoinformation Science Program

Geomatics is a comprehensive term applied to the Geoinformation Science and Technology – the powerful combination of various spatial and data processing technologies namely:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Photogrammetry
  • Mapping and Surveying
  • GPS
  • Information and Communication Technology ( ICT )
  • GIS


It has wide range of applications in various fields including:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Utilities Management
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Activities of Local Self-governments
Services offered
  • A) Remote Sensing and GIS based solutions
    • GIS and GPS mapping.
    • Interpretation of Satellite Imageries and Aerial Photographs.
    • Natural Resource Mapping.
    • Digital Photogrammetry Services.
    • Digitization and Data Conversion into Specific Formats.
    • Sophisticated Geo-processing, Modelling, and Spatial Analysis.
    • Development of Customized Application Software.
    • Corridor / Vegetation Surveys and Urban Mapping.
  • B) Educational Services
    • Regular M. Environmental Sciences with a minor in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (RS &GIS) and Ph.D. in Physical Sciences.
    • Short-term Training Courses in RS and GIS.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and EMP Preparation.
    • Corporate In-house Training Programs for User Agencies.
    • Orientation / Refresher Courses for Teachers Technology.
    • Courses on specific application areas or techniques in RS & GIS / Environmental Monitoring
  • C) Other Environmental Services
    • Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of Water and Soil.
    • Urban Forestry and Green Belt Development.

Fee Structure

*Includes prior registration fee and can be remitted in 2 installments.

Refund Policy

Program Fees 
Campus Prior registration Fees Course Fees Caution deposit
  Amritapuri Rs.1,000 Rs. 25,000* Rs. 1,500
Hostel & Mess Fee
CAMPUS Caution Deposit 
Amritapuri  5,000   24,000   39,900

Essential Resources

Resources Available

As the proposed PG in Environmental Sciences with a minor in RS & GIS gets started, there will be labs for the RS & GIS. The same labs would be used to start the certificate course in RS & GIS, with existing faculty members.

Resources needed

One GIS & RS person with expertise in natural resource management and environmental applications to engage GIS classes, labs, field visits and projects.

Resources Created & Timeline

One GIS & RS expert after the first semester of the initiation of the proposed PG course with expertise in natural resource management and environmental decision-making

Additional Benefits

With the existing infrastructure and manpower, we can generate income from the proposed certificate course in RS & GIS. Also, the student projects will lead to Scopus indexed journal/ conference publications. Further, we can develop it into a center for advanced research with stateof-the-art software for GIS, photogrammetry, and image processing equipment and peripherals including powerful graphic workstations, PCs, and servers. Moreover, with this infrastructure, we can apply for research grants from both national and international agencies working in the field.

Facilities at a glance

  • Central Library
  • Hostel Accomodation
  • Sports Facilites
  • Banking Facilities
  • Transport
  • Medical Services
  • Canteen
  • General Store
  • ICTS
  • Reprographic Facility
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