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Course Name Glimpses of Indian Culture
Course Code 22ADM501
Program M.Sc. in Social Data Science & Policy
Semester I
Credits 4
Campus Faridabad


Introduction: Love is the substratum of life and spirituality. If love is absent life becomes meaningless. In the present world if love is used as the string to connect the beads of values, life becomes precious, rare and
beautiful like a fragrant blossom. Values are not to be learned alone. They have to be imbibed into the inner sprit and put into practice. This should happen at the right time when you have vitality and strength, when your hearts are open.
The present course in value education is a humble experience-based effort to lead and metamorphosis the students through the process of transformation of their inner self towards achieving the best. Amma’s nectarous words of wisdom and acts of love are our guiding principles. Amma’s philosophy provides an insight into the vision of our optimistic future.

  1. Invocation, Satsang and Question – Answers
  2. Values – What are they? Definition, Guiding Principles with examples Sharing own experiences
  3. Values – Key to meaningful life. Values in different contexts
  4. Personality – Mind, Soul and Consciousness – Q and A. Body-Mind-Intellect and the Inner psyche Experience sharing
  5. Psychological Significance of samskara (with e.g. From Epics)
  6. Indian Heritage and Contribution and Q and A; Indian Ethos and Culture
  7. Self-Discipline (Evolution and Practice) – Q and A
  8. Human Development and Spiritual Growth – Q and A
  9. Purpose of Life plus Q and A
  10. Cultivating self-development
  11. Self effort and Divine Grace – their roles – Q and A; – Vedanta and Creation – Understanding a spiritual Master
  12. Dimensions of Spiritual Education; Need for change Lecture – 1; Need for Perfection Lecture – 2
  13. How to help others who have achieved less – Man and Nature Q and A, Sharing of experiences


  1. Swami Amritaswaroopananda Puri – Awaken Children (Volume VII and VIII)
  2. Swami Amritaswaroopananda Puri – Amma’s Heart
  3. Swami Ramakrishnanda Puri – Rising Along the Razor’s Edge
  4. Deepak Chopra – Book 1: Quantum Healing;Book 2: Alpha and Omega of God; Book 3: Seven Spiritual Rules for Success
  5. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam- 1. Ignited Minds 2. Talks (CD)
  6. Swami RamakrishnandaPuri – Ultimate Success
  7. Swami JnanamritanandaPuri – Upadesamritham (Trans: Malayalam)
  8. Vedanta Kesari Publication – Values – Key to a meaningful life
  9. Swami Ranganathananda – Eternal values for a changing society
  10. David Megginson & Vivien Whitaker – Cultivating Self Development
  11. Elizabeth B. Hurlock – Personality Development, Tata McGraw Hill
  12. Swami Jagatatmananda – Learn to Live (Vol.1 and 2), RK Ashram, Mylapore

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