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On October 30, the Rasathantra Association, the Department of Chemistry, organized an Alumni Talk by Jayakrishnan J., the Ph. D. graduate student from Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He focused on the topic, “The Road is not Easy, Though How Can We Explore a Smart’ World ?” The event started at 4. 00 p.m with a prayer, followed by a welcome speech and a brief introduction about the speaker. Then the felicitation speech was delivered by Dr. Zeena, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry. The speaker began his talk by thanking all the teachers who helped him and played an important role in his life. He shared his past and his educational background. He revealed that the biggest breakthrough in his life was happened after joining for his post graduation at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeethom. Then he talked about the summer project and about his publications. He mentioned about the important points to remember while applying for Ph. D. programmes and also he mentioned about the benefits of studying abroad. Then he shared some information about Taipei 101.

He talked about his present life. He explained the use of polymers, benefits of changing the properties of materials, piezo-electric materials, memory devices etc. Then he shared a valuable information about the three scientists who was awarded Nobel prize for their discovery about the fact that plastics can conduct electricity at specific conditions. Then he shared about his research works on PEDOT, OECT, CH arylation. He concluded his talk by saying that teachers are the biggest assets for solving our problems. Then, Dr. Sreedhar, Assistant Professor, gave his feedback about the event, followed by vote of thanks. The event was ended at 5.30 p.m with national anthem.

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