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The Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Podiatric Surgery is the only full-fledged Endocrinology centre in Kerala providing advanced care for diabetes mellitus as well as for a variety of complex endocrine disorders. With 20 doctors and nearly 50 supporting staff, the centre offers complete clinical care for virtually all endocrine diseases. All aspects of diabetes care is addressed comprehensively i.e. screening for diabetes and its complications, management of acute and long standing diabetic foot disorders including lower limb angioplasty, joint reconstruction surgeries, paediatric and adoloscent diabetes, Insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring system, diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment. Work done by Podiatry wing is unmatched in the country and it serves as a premier referral centre for complex foot problems in South India. It is also a major referral centre for pituitary, adrenal, parathyroid and thyroid disorders and is well supported by an excellent Neurosurgery and Endocrine surgery team.

We run a comprehensive thyroid cancer clinic along with Nuclear Medicine & Head & Neck surgery which provides multidisciplinary care to patients. Obesity clinic for adults and children was established a few years back and all therapies from medical to Bariatric surgery are offered by our centre. Osteoporosis assessment and management is aided by the availability of DEXA scan in house and expertise in dealing of complex issues by a team of specialist including rheumatologist and spinal surgeons. The Paediatric Endocrinology wing is unique in providing comprehensive care to children with Type 1 Diabetes, growth disorders (short stature and tall stature), pubertal disorders ( late and early puberty), childhood obesity, disorders of sexual development, thyroid disorders and bone disorders. The innovative community work of Amrita Diabetes Welfare Association is unparalleled in India. The services are available 7 days a week with 24 hour telephone helpline for diabetes related problems. Evening clinics are available 5 days a week to make it easier for those with daytime jobs.

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