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The expectancy of life has increased significantly in the last few decades. With advancing healthcare facilities, it is expected to persist in the coming years, and expectancy of life at birth may well surpass 80 years in most countries of the world, including India.

Our society is rapidly undergoing change. Increasingly, women, who were the traditional caregivers of the elderly, are taking to work.

Many in the working generation leave the state in search of jobs. So we are faced with a situation where in the elderly are increasing in numbers and living longer while the number of care givers are rapidly decreasing. This is reflected by a rapid increase in the number of old age homes ,but most often than not, they do not provide healthcare maintenance.

Treating elderly – understanding their requirements and modulating treatment accordingly is an independent expertise. Medicines are often not tolerated at the usual doses, and elderly require a different dosing regimen. The Geriatrics Department at AIMS understands these special requirements of the elderly and cater to them accordingly with a holistic approach.

We ensure that all patients receive a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment with the help of specially trained doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dietician, medical social worker, occupational therapist and an effective treatment plan is modulated after discussions with these personnel

This Geriatrics Department is the first of its kind in India which started functioning in January 2001. The benefit for the comprehensive geriatric consultation is that the patient can meet all the team members at the same time during their visit.

Geriatric medical care differs from usual medical practice because the focus is on preservation of function and improving the quality of life and not just investigating, diagnosing, treating and curing specific diseases. We deal with the patient’s social and psychological problems as well as his/ her medical problems and also frequently work with the family or caregivers who are assisting the older person to help them provide better and effective care.

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