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What is ALARM?

ALARM 2021- Increase Awareness, Decrease Resistance

The threat of antimicrobial resistance is looming large on the horizon of global public health. Yet, many remain unware of it and its implication, compounding the problem further. Hence, the need of the hour is global visibility of AMR as a health priority, and means to encourage involvement of individuals, communities, scientific fraternity and organisations in a concerted effort to resist to the resistance. ALARM 2021 is an annual colloquium that aims to create awareness and build networks for the metaphorical face-off.  Come, join us! Together let us maximize awareness and minimize resistance.

Why will you ‘Go Blue’? Launch of WAAW Global Colour Campaign

Despite being a leading global public health threat, many policymakers, professionals, and the general public often remain largely unaware of AMR. In an effort to improve global visibility of this health priority, individuals, communities, and organizations are invited to join a colour campaign to build awareness of AMR and the medicines we must collectively preserve. Drawing from the Antimicrobials: Handle with Care slogan and also acknowledging the collective global action across sectors required to address AMR, the colour light blue2 has been selected for the campaign.

November 19, 2021
9.00 am – 9.45 am Inaugural Session
9.45 am – 10.45 am Keynote Address
Dr. Victor Nizet
Title of Talk: Innovative Therapeutic Approaches for Invasive Bacterial Infections and Sepsis.
10.45 am – 11.30 am Invited Talk
Dr. David J. Gonzalez
Title of Talk: S Protein: A new Streptococcal Virulence Factor with Therapeutic Potential
11.30 am – 12.15 pm Invited Talk
Dr. Peter Forster
Title of Talk: Tracing the origins of the coronavirus pandemic using genomic analysis
1.30 pm – 2.15 pm Distinguished Lecture
Dr Vishwa Mohan Katoch
Title of Talk: Controlling AMR- Need for a Targeted Approach
2.15 pm – 3.00 pm Invited Talk
Dr. Sanjay Chhibber
Title of Talk: Treatment and prevention of bacterial infections using bacteriophages: Perspectives in the renewed interest
November 20, 2021
9.00 am – 10.00 am Real Life AMR Story
Pranav & Apurva Johri
Title of Talk: From Patient to Advocate: Bringing Phage Therapy to India
10.00 am – 10.15 am 15 Mins Break
10.15 am – 12.30 pm Competitions
November 21, 2021
9.00 am – 12.30pm Cycle against AMR, Go blue


ALARM 2021 is an annual colloquium that aims to create awareness and build networks for the metaphorical face-off.  Come, join us! Together let us maximize awareness and minimize resistance.

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‘Be an AMR Warrior’ Challenge

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) knows no national borders, imminently it would pan out into nooks and corners of the globe affecting individuals, families and communities. similarly, the onus of the fight against resistance would never be centralised, each one of us would be waging our own battles eventually to win the war against AMR. Each one of us is an ‘AMR warrior’ in the truest sense. Let us spread awareness in our family, in our community and prepare for that face-off. Send us selfies of you in action along with ‘ Be an AMR warrior challenge’ selfies boards. The battle cry is ‘ go blue’ he or chosen by WHO, so preferably wear blue and express your solidarity to the cause.

I am an AMR Warrior Challenge

The challenge will run from November 18, 2021 – November 30, 2021 and will involve two rounds.

Competition and submission of photos showing participation in both the rounds will automatically ensure entry into the lucky draw for prizes worth Rs 30,000.

NOTE – Completion of both the rounds are necessary to enter the lucky draw.

Round 1

The first step towards creating awareness among the society begins at one’s own house by imparting knowledge about the socially alarming situations to their family members.

The family awareness challenge provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to the misuse of drugs and to increase the knowledge of the antimicrobial resistance which is developing as a result of the same.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The participant is required to educate their family members regarding antimicrobial resistance. Some of the points that can be discussed but not limited to are as follows –
    • What is Antimicrobial resistance?
    • What causes antimicrobial resistance?
    • How can it be prevented?
  2. The participant is required to wear a blue coloured t shirt or shirt to comply with the color code set by the World Health organization for this year’s AMR week.
  3. You are required to take a selfie with your family members and upload it in the submission link.

Round 2

The Community Awareness challenge is designed to develop and refine your awareness of Antimicrobial resistance, as well as educate the society regarding the same. The overriding objective of the Competition is to help diverse aspiring solicitors to spread the message of the AMR week in places such as hospitals, primary health centers, educational institutions etc.

The Community Awareness Challenge allows you to properly introduce Antimicrobial resistance and it’s risks to your society.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Amrita School of Biotechnology will provide you with a URL containing access to the various posters for circulation.
    Link to Resources – Download
  2. You are required to download and the print the resources from the above-mentioned link and use it as the circulation material.
  3. You are required to take the permission of the concerned authority associated with the place you are planning to target for this challenge.
  4. The posters must be placed in areas which grab a lot of attention from the people visiting the concerned area.
  5. You are required to visit the places wearing a blue coloured dress in accordance with the colour code set for this year for AMR week 2021 by the World Health organization.
  6. You are then required to take a photo at the place of circulation as proof of participation for the competition and upload it in the submission link provided below. The photo can include but not limited to –
    • Selfie with the notice board
    • Selfie with the in charge
    • Photo of the notice board

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Event 1 – Genius Heist


New case is out !
Use your intellect and watch the excitement ripple to bring out the sleuth in you !
Inviting all masterminds to crack the case !
Let’s go on a virtual heist and unravel your detective skills.

Rules and Regulations
  1. This is an inter-college team event open to all UG and PG students.
  2. Each team should have 3 members.
  3. Participants should have a stable network connection throughout the event.
  4. Participants must have a phone and laptop with them at the time of the event.
  5. Any malpractice found will lead to disqualification of the team.
  6. Winners will be awarded with exciting cash prizes and e-certificates.
  7. Participants taking part in this competition cannot take part in other live competitions including Quizophile and Time Shot.
  • 16-November-2021 11.55pm IST
Prize Money
  • 1st prize   –   3000/-
  • 2nd prize – 2000/-
  • 3rd prize   –  1000/-
For more details, Contact:

Mr. S Harikrishnan – 6282341981
Ms. Ardra Unni – 8943756196

Event 2 – Elevator Pitch Time Shot


‘TIMESHOT- A pitch where innovations rule’
Planning on helping humankind in the war against AMR. Well, here is your chance! Pitch your innovative ideas on how to improve the current scenario. Show the world your knowledge and creativity by presenting your ideas to a panel of scientists who will evaluate your work. Exciting cash prizes along with E-certificates await the finest ideas. Let your creative juices flow like the waters of Niagara.

Rules and Regulations
  1. Individual event – open to UG, PG and Research scholars.
  2. Participants will have 2 minutes to present their idea.
  3. Participants has to speak in English.
  4. Judging will be based upon the clarity of thought, content and time.
  5. Participants will not be allowed to refer to any material during the event.
  6. Participants are necessarily requested to be in video mode during the presentation.
  7. Topics for the presentation will be provided to the registered participants two days prior to the competition day
  • Is the battle against superbugs a matter of biology and medicine, or a matter of society and behaviour?
  • As time passes the effect of antibiotics has been constantly recorded as a reducing factor. How can this phenomenon be addressed?
  • The spread of AMR as a consequence of overuse of antibiotics, biocides and ARGs: An overview. How alert are we in tackling this?
  • 16-November-2021 11.55pm IST
Price Money
  • 1st prize   –   3000/-
  • 2nd prize – 2000/-
  • 3rd prize   –  1000/-
For more details, contact:

Ms. Mahima Sanjay Gomladu – 9373309580
Ms. Bhagyasree M B – 8592975885

Event 3 – Quizophile


Do you consider yourself as a science enthusiast; do you think your knowledge would be valued globally; would you like to test all that out? Then you’re at the right place! This online quiz event is a great opportunity provided to each one of you to match up to your peers and demonstrate your proficiency in the Scientific world. Learn, compete, and win exciting cash prizes along with an E-certificate!

  1. The participants can be from any stream of life science.
  2. Individual event open to all UG & PG students
  3. If there are more than a considerable number of entries, a preliminary screening will be conducted.
Rules and Regulations
  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. You must have a phone and a laptop/computer with you at the time of the event.
  3. There will be 3 rounds
    • Life Science
    • AMR Basics
    • AMR Advanced
  4. All the participants must keep their camera switched on until the end of the event, failing which the participant will be disqualified.
  • 16-November-2021 11.55pm IST
Prize Money
  • 1st prize   –   3000/-
  • 2nd prize – 2000/-
  • 3rd prize   –  1000/-
For more details, contact:

Mr Sudharshan Rao – 6361349638
Mr. Abhijith Pulimoottil Jaykumar – 9746859949
Mr. Deepankar Dileep – 8105038501

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