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About Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  • Multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research institution
  • Number 1 private university in India
  • Awarded A grade by NAAC
About Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks
  • Designated Centre of Relevance and Excellence for Cybersecurity by Government of India. Cutting edge research in close collaboration with government and industry
  • Nodal centre for several pan-India cyber security education initiatives
About Team bi0s
  • Number 1 cybersecurity team in India, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Winner of several national and international cybersecurity contests.
  • Organized several cybersecurity contests and training activities across India.
About Team Shakti
  • Team Shakti is a trailblazer of a women-only cybersecurity team from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Amritapuri campus that is committed to bridging the gender divide. Although relatively new to the scene, the team is made up of luminous minds, paving the way for a brighter future. ShaktiCon and ShaktiCTF(5 month long event) are excellent platforms created by Team Shakti in order to empower women. These unique platforms deliberately lower or remove barriers women face in order to achieve their goals and occur periodically.
About Amrita InCTF Junior
  • What is Amrita InCTF Junior
    Amrita InCTF Junior is a National level Cybersecurity contest for school students in India. Realizing the vital role cybersecurity plays now and in the future for a safer world, many countries are now introducing cybersecurity education at the school level to develop interest and nurture talent in this area. Participation in the contest is fully free and no prior knowledge is required for taking part.
    The aim of the contest is to build interest in cybersecurity. The contest encourages students to learn subjects on their own and solve challenges
  • How Amrita InCTF Junior started
    The idea of conducting a hacking contest for school students came to mind when we saw the global education system in various developed countries. Knowing the importance of cybersecurity in the future, countries like the UK, USA, China, Korea, and Israel had invested in educating school students from the primary class. Later, the best-performing students are also given scholarships to study further in this field and best-performing also encourage students to take up research activities.
    India is growing technically and economically. With the introduction of Digital India with massive force, people here have access to cheap and fast internet, the country has all its critical information in its digital form. From an individual’s personal data to the country’s defence information, all are stored in cyberspace. Hackers have all the freedom to harness it if not protected well.
    Furthermore, there is no education or awareness of the cyber threat and cybersecurity in our country in spite of having 500 million internet users.  Besides, the job demand and supply curve does not match. The demand for cybersecurity professionals in the job market is close to 300,000, and there are only thousands of people working in this field.
    This competition was designed to encourage school students to build interest in cybersecurity, show its scope and motivate them to take up a job in this field.
InCTFj in a Nutshell
  • No. of schools reached- 1000+
  • No. of students registered- 10k+
  • No. of students who reach the finals per year – 150 – 200
  • No. of states reached – 23 states
  • Workshops Organized – 100+
Event Timeline

Amrita InCTF Junior is a 6-month long training cum contest which can identify and train interested students in critical areas of such as Web-Exploitation, Binary Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Network Exploitation, Android and iOS Platform, and many more such key domains of cybersecurity. We have three different rounds:

  • Learning roundThe participants are provided with custom-designed materials that include video tutorials. This lasts for about 2 months. During this period we also conduct mock contests.
  • Online RoundThe online round lasts for 4 days. We monitor and observe all the participants’ progress during these 4 days and based on the score, we select the winners for the final round.
  • Onsite training & Final RoundThe top 150 – 200 students are invited onsite conference with  advanced training and a final round contest
Benefits & Skill development
Students Benefits & Skill development
  • Benefits for Students
    • The students learn one of the most important skills of the 21st century
    • Generating an interest towards cyber security and finding young talents
    • Generating Analytical, Creative skills and Problem-solving skills
    • Students are introduced to a huge pool of knowledge which will be very useful for their future
  • Achievements of Our Participants
Why CBSE Should Partner

The primary goal of this Contest  is to introduce cybersecurity education among school students. This will build the base for cybersecurity in India and also aid in reducing the shortage of skilled cybersecurity personnel in India. Our highly experienced team will lead the programme by sharing the knowledge and data with the students and mould them to think as cyber professionals. The event  is carefully designed to present essential topics in an easy to understand manner for school students and will feature several contests, videos and other similar engaging activities.

Amrita has always been dedicated towards nation building through education and services. This programme is specially designed to make the students aware about threats and it’s mitigation. This programme can lead a student to build a career in CyberSecurity.

  • Amrita InCTF Junior provides student with an unique platform to experiment the real world technology
  • Gives greater opportunity to the students to get hands on learning process and execl in the field of cyber security
  • CBSE can support the efforts to bring technology and thereby, knowledge and learning to students in every part of the country

Feedback from Past Students

Vishnu Dev T. J.

InCTFj introduced me to the world of CTFs and Cyber Security. While solving a challenge you are being forced to learn new things and this has helped me to really understand how things work. Playing CTF has really helped me to sharpen my knowledge in the eld of Computer and Security. Hacking is not like you see in the movie. Hacking is about having the curiosity to learn, asking weird questions,ending an elegant solution, thinking from a different perspective, having a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Currently 2nd year CSE student in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Vishnu Dev T. J. Model Technical Hss Kaprassery, Aluva
Ananay Arora

InCTFj was a very unique experience for me. As a budding programmer and hacker, cyber security was one of the fields I loved. However, due to lack of learning resources, I was only able to learn cybersecurity to a certain point. With InCTFj, I was lucky enough to be selected as a student and got help from the best mentors. Today, I still look back to that week in Kerala that changed my life by helping me climb the hardest steps in my Cybersecurity journey. Hats o to you, InCTFj!” Currently 1st year BS CS student in Arizona State University in Tempe,United States.

Ananay Arora Delhi Public School R K Puram New Delhi
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