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Guidelines for Preparation of e-Poster


  • The poster must be in English with Times New Roman font. The slide must be in landscape view.
  • A single slide must be prepared to contain the presentation in the format of Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  • The poster must contain the title, author names& the department/institution name which the presenter/author represents
  • The poster presentation will be for 3 minutes followed by 2 minutes for Questions and Answers
  • The slide has to be saved and shared in the PDF format with “session number_presenter name” for the file
  • The e-poster should be send to the session coordinator by the 8th of December 2021
  • All presenters should log in to the zoom link by 08:30 a.m. on the 10th of December 2021
  • Login Name should be Poster_Session Number_Name
Session P1: COVID 19

Name of Presenter:

1. Sharvanan E.
2. Priyanka
3. Wazeem C. M.
4. Mavuru Venkata
5. Prithibha
6. Talari Srihari
7. Sahya S. Dev
8. Kapil Kumar
9. Anil Ahuja
10. Reshmi Ann Varkey

Session Co-ordinator: Presenter

Dr. Reshmi Ann Varkey


Session P2: COVID 19
Session P3: COVID 19/ Communicable Diseases
Session P4: Communicable Diseases
Session P5: Non-Communicable Diseases
Session P6: Reproductive, Adolescent and Child Health
Session P7: Urban Health/ Public Health Policy/ Health System Research
Session P8: Mental Health/ Ageing
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